Today (06), Shopee’s long-awaited mid-year sale began, making ”6 of 6” a day full of offers and opportunities for you to save.

Offering discounts in various categories, Shopee’s 6.6 guaranteed everything from small appliances, such as Air Fryers and robot vacuum cleaners, to cell phones and electronic devices with discounts of up to 80%.

And the advantages of Shopee 6.6 don’t stop there! In addition to considerable discounts, you can also count on free shipping on purchases over R$10 and exclusive discount coupons for the action.

Below, we have prepared a selection with suggestions of successful products that are on offer and event coupons, so you don’t waste time and take advantage of the best prices. Check out:

Cell phones and electronics

  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A15, 128GB por R$799,90
  • Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 13, 256GB por R$1.129,00
  • Smartphone Realme C67, 128GB por R$1.099,00
  • Smartphone Xiaomi POCO C65, 256GB por R$886,00
  • JBL PARTY BOX 110 Amplified Speaker for R$2,099.00
  • Notebook VAIO FE15, AMD Ryzen 7 5700U , 8GB e 256GB por R$2.299,00
  • Smartphone Poco X6 PRO 5G, 256GB por R$1.999,00
  • Bluetooth speaker with RGB LED for R$99.99
  • Qcy T13 Wireless Headphones for R$88.99
  • WIFI-YOOSSE Smart Camera for R$102.99
  • Connect Lights Mondial CM-400 Amplified Box for R$399.90
  • Smartband Xiaomi Band 8 por R$168,99
  • Smart TV LG 32” LED HD ThinQ Ai, 32LQ621CBSBAWZ por R$968,90

Consoles and more gamer items

  • Console PlayStation 5, Digital Edition por R$3.399,00
  • Headphone Gamer QCY H4 ANC por R$349,00
  • Mouse Pad Gamer Grande Speed 300mm X 800mm por R$36,44
  • Notebook Gamer Acer Nitro 5, Intel Core i5, 8GB e 512GB por R$4.829,00
  • Table Stand for Phone with RGB LED for R$99.00
  • Astro A10 Gaming Gen2 Wired Gamer Headset for R$288.90
  • Gamer Kit Semi Mechanical Keyboard + Chroma RGB Led Mouse for R$44.99
  • Soundbar Gamer Speaker for R$51.90
  • Knup USB Subwoofer Soundbar Speaker for R$67.99
  • XTreme Gamers Gamer Chair, black and red for R$489.90

Small appliances and household appliances

  • Air Fryer Kitchen Art KFR01 for R$269.90
  • IdaLi Liife 7 In 1 Air Fryer, 4L for R$263.99
  • Consul CPC31AF Water Purifier for R$309.60
  • Electric Pressure Cooker In Brazil, 4L for R$269.70
  • Mini donut machine for R$89.99
  • Ventisol quartz AQ space heater for R$84.90
  • Midea HealthGuard Smart Titanium Washer and Dryer, 13kg for R$3,659.00
  • Vonder 3/8″ Drill and Screwdriver with carrying case and accessories for R$199.90

Beauty and personal care

  • Wella Nutri-Enrich Kit with shampoo and conditioner 1L for R$243.98
  • Lola CosmĂ©tics Sudden Death Hydration Kit, 4 products for R$99.99
  • Kit com 2 Waxy Whey Protein 900g + BCAA 100g + Creatina 100g + Waxy Maize 800g + Coque, Bodybuilders por R$119,90
  • Soldiers Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate, 600g for R$101.90
  • Kit 2 Extraordinary Hair Oils Elseve Loreal Paris for R$72.99
  • Familia Kit Intense Definition styling cream + Kids Defined Curls Salon Line for R$53.90
  • Kit with 3 Salon Line Definition Combing Creams for R$72.99
  • SOS Cachos Kids Salon Line Complete Kit for R$99.99

During Shopee 6.6 you can go beyond the offers and take advantage of coupons that guarantee even more savings on your purchases! Because by offering R$6 million in discount coupons, Shopee guaranteed good opportunities for you.
It is worth remembering that coupons are released by time, the first ones are available from 00:00 and 09:00, and the next updates will be 12pm and 8pm.
See below options valid until 11:59 pm today (06) to redeem and use on the Shopee app:

Cupom R$ 20 OFF no PIX

Valid for purchases over R$159 that will be paid by PIX.

Free Shipping Coupon

Valid for purchases over R$10 from the same seller with shipping costs up to R$20. If shipping exceeds the amount, you can still count on a R$20 discount on the amount to be paid.

Did you enjoy the opportunities? So don’t waste time and check out many others on the Shopee website, as the discounts and coupons are only valid today!


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