A Air fryeralso known as an oil-free electric fryer, has become a successful portable appliance in many homes, for facilitate the preparation of meals and provide the consumption of certain foods in a healthier waywithout the use of fats.

It is possible to prepare everything from simple foods, such as lasagna, nuggets and frozen fries, to chicken, loins, cakes and pies in the air fryer, and all in a more optimized time and with less dirty utensils.

And if you are looking for a cheap model, It is possible to find good options, 3 and 4 liters, for prices below R$ 250. And we have a list of promotional suggestions for you. Look:

Choose your Air Fryer for less than R$250

  • Oil-free Electric Fryer Multi CE198, 3.5L for R$ 229.90
  • Britânia BFR25P oil-free electric fryer, 4L for R$ 248.00
  • Midea GourmetFry Oil-Free Electric Fryer, 4L for R$ 218.40
  • Cadence Pratic Fryer Oil-Free Electric Fryer, 3L for R$ 239.90
  • Elgin Quick Fryer Oil-Free Electric Fryer, 4L for R$ 206.20
  • Elgin Start Fry Oil-Free Electric Fryer, 3.5L for R$ 227
  • Lenoxx Easy Fryer Black Oil-Free Electric Fryer, 2.4L for R$ 199.90

Access the links above and see more information about the models. We emphasize that the promotional values ​​are for a limited time, be sure to take advantage!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/produto/283431-air-fryer-r-250-7-opcoes-oferta-voce-escolher.htm

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