AliExpress’s Choice Day campaign this June is dedicated to Valentine’s Day, and brings offers with up to 70% off and exclusive discount coupons for products that are in the promotional action.

What’s not lacking on AliExpress’ Choice Day is a variety of products, with electronics opportunities, decoration items, sporting goods, beauty and health, IT items, tools and much more.

Below, you can see a selection of products under R$100, with even more significant discounts for your first purchase on the AliExpress website. Look:

AliExpress Choice Day opportunities

  • Baseus Bowie E16 Bluetooth Headset from R$12.28
  • Baseus Bowie EZ10 Bluetooth Headset from R$16.38
  • QCY T13 Bluetooth Headset from R$66.11
  • Lenovo GM2 Pro Bluetooth Headset from R$19.62
  • Smartwatch Zeblaze Btalk Plus from R$38.86
  • Smartwatch COLMI P71 from R$27.07
  • Edifier MP85 Sleep Box from R$31.77
  • Lenovo K30 speaker from R$10.12
  • Sound box TG506 from R$18.70
  • Speaker Bluetooth Lenovo TS33 from R$24.17
  • Desktop Condenser Microphone, USB from R$29.20
  • USB Condenser Microphone from R$75.90
  • Mini Full HD Web Camera from R$10.31
  • Baseus USB Type-C Charger, 20W from R$10.39
  • Eufy tracker tag from R$61.91
  • Mini USB Illuminator from R$3.07
  • Baseus LED Flexible Illuminator from R$19.02
  • Wireless Mini Printer from R$58.70
  • Niimbot D110 Wireless Label Printer from R$67.70
  • Smart remote control, Avatto from R$6.91
  • Smart door sensor, Avatto from R$6.49
  • Smart Remote Control, Right Situ from R$4.99
  • SATA III SSD, Goldenfir from R$43.67
  • SSD 2.5” Goldenfir from R$43.21

ChoiceDay Valentine’s Day Coupons

Save even more on your purchases with exclusive Choice Day AliExpress discount coupons:

  • Coupon AMOR15 for R$15 off on purchases over R$100
  • Coupon LOVE20 for R$20 off on purchases over R$150
  • Coupon LOVE30 for R$30 off on purchases over R$250
  • Coupon LOVE60 for R$60 off on purchases over R$450
  • Coupon AMOR100 for R$100 off on purchases over R$750
  • Coupon AMOR270 for R$270 off on purchases over R$1600
  • Coupon AMOR400 for R$400 off on purchases over R$2500

The promotional action ends tomorrow (7) at 11:59 pm. Access the Choice Day page and guarantee good offers!


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