Due to the new tax on international products under US$50, known as “taxation of blouses”, many people are afraid to buy products on sites like Shopee, Shein and AliExpress.

What many don’t know is that they all have national sales, with products directly from Brazil! On AliExpress, for example, you can find several promotional items that are already on Brazilian soil. The variety is smaller, but You can find lots of cool products there.

And in this article, we separate 15 AliExpress offers below R$50 that are already in Brazil. Look:

Offers from Brazil on AliExpress

  • USB desktop microphone from R$4.99
  • Headphone Extra Bass from R$35.00
  • XDG-403 Bluetooth Speaker from R$43.99
  • King Fight AE-369R Gaming Headset from R$49.00
  • 10A Smart Socket with integration with Alexa and Google from R$34.85
  • Electric Drink Mixer from R$16.00
  • Electric Coffee, Grain and Seed Grinder from R$35.00
  • Headphone Bluetooth P47 from R$29.25
  • Mini Portable Blender from R$10.87
  • Kit 3 Water Bottles from R$7.00
  • Desktop Condenser Microphone with Tripod, Sf-930 from R$22.57
  • Semi-mechanical Gamer Keyboard, RGB LED backlit from R$28.40
  • XDG-1005 Gamer Speaker from R$22.49
  • Pineng 10,000 mAh Portable Charger from R$12.20
  • Mousepad Gamer com LED RGB 80x30cm from R$23.40

The values ​​presented above are valid for the first purchase on the aliexpress websitebut repeat buyers also have special discounts.

Click on the links above and learn more about the products. Also take the opportunity to visit the page with offers from Brazil on AliExpress.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/produto/286286-ofertas-aliexpress-direto-brasil-r-50-veja-lista-17-itens.htm

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