Amazon announced, this Monday (08), the launch of the Echo Spot, a smart alarm clock that features Alexa. The new product in the smart speaker line is now available in Brazil and costs from R$ 450.

The Echo Spot is almost like an Echo Pop with a mini display. The screen is 2.47 inches and comes with a wide variety of customizable clock faces.

Among the available customizations, the device can be customized in orange, violet, magenta, lime green, teal and blue. It is also possible match the colors and dials to match the visual style of the environment.

The Echo Spot is like an Echo Pop with a small screen. (Image: Amazon/Disclosure)

On the display, the device can display the time, weather forecast, names of songs currently playing and more information.

According to Amazon, The device was actually developed with the idea of ​​being an alarm clock that can be placed on the bedside table..

Echo Spot Alexa Features

Just like the Echo Show, Echo Dot, and Echo Pop devices, Echo Spot allows you to set an alarm. By talking to the virtual assistant, you can wake up to four new alarm sounds: Aurora, Daybreak, Endeavor and Flutter.

Amazon’s new device has a 1.73-inch front-facing directional speaker that promises clear vocals and deep bass. From the electronic device it is also possible to play music, podcasts and audiobooks from Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, Audible and others.

Echo SpotThe Echo Spot can also be used in the living room, kitchen and other environments. (Image: Amazon/Disclosure)

The Echo Spot can be a hub for smart devices, meaning that users can use it to set up Alexa Routines to automate daily tasks. Using the device, users can turn on smart lights and plugs, for example.

But despite having a screen, unlike the Echo Show, the Echo Spot does not make video calls. If you want, you can call friends and family who have other Alexas and chat only through audio via Drop-In.

Price and availability

22% off

Image: Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Smart alarm clock with vibrant sound and voice commands via Alexa.

R$ 579,00

The Echo Spot is now available from today on Amazon’s online store in black and white. The smart device will have a promotional price of R$450 until July 21stin celebration of Prime Day. This special price is valid only for Amazon Prime subscribers. For non-Prime members, the Echo Spot costs R$580.


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