AMD revealed this Monday (3) during Computex 2024 a new generation of chips for notebooks. What’s new is the line of processors Ryzen AI 300 Seriesnew name for the set that was previously known as Ryzen 9.

As the name suggests, the two chips revealed as part of this line are aimed at embedded artificial intelligence (AI) features, including working with generative AI or using PCs optimized for category services.

The chips are direct competitors in a developing components market that already has some heavy rivals. AMD will fight in the sector directly with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X, Intel’s Meteor Lake Ultra line and the Apple M4.

Getting to know the Ryzen AI 300 Series

The models presented are the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370, which is the top of the line of the generation, and the Ryzen AI 9 365, which will be marketed as a more affordable alternative, but still quite powerful.

AMD’s new AI chips feature the company’s latest and most advanced architectures, including the XDNA2 standard neural processor (NPU), the RDNA 3.5 integrated GPU and the new Zen 5 CPU.

The chip integrates neural, processing and graphics units.Fonte:  AMD

According to the manufacturer, the Ryzen AI 300 Series line aims “enable private, dynamic, and power-efficient AI processing”. In practice, this translates into multitasking functions, games, streaming, professional content production and even battery life.

The Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 is a premium PC chip with 12 CPU cores, 24 threads, 2 GHz base clock and maximum boost clock up to 5.1 GHz. It comes with the AMD Radeon 890M graphics card. The “HX” nomenclature, previously used to indicate power, now only indicates which of the models is the most powerful.

New AI chips will be available in Copilot+ compatible models.New AI chips will be available in Copilot+ compatible models.Fonte:  AMD

The Ryzen AI 9 365 is made up of 10 CPU cores, 20 threads and the same basic clock, but reaching up to 5 GHz at maximum clock. Your video card is Radeon 880M.

The processors in the Ryzen AI 300 line are “ready for Copilot+ PCs”, that is, they will be in notebook models from Microsoft partner manufacturers. Its launch is scheduled for July 2024, integrated as a configuration option on laptops such as Asus Vivobook S 15, HP OmniBook and others.


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