The American tech giant Apple Inc. is putting on the brakes on the rollout of ‘Apple Intelligence’ in Europe, the company announced on Friday. Citing government regulations, Apple said it would not roll out several new features in the European Union, including its upcoming suite of AI tools.

Apple Intelligence not yet ready for the EU

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled a wide range of AI-powered features and services at its annual WWDC conference. Called ‘Apple Intelligence’, they will make AI improvements across the product line. Apple also announced that it is partnering with OpenAI to make its flagship AI model, ChatGPT, available as an opt-in feature within its Siri virtual assistant.

According to a report from the Financial Times, Apple has said that new rules on business competition in the EU led to the decision to hold back its AI upgrades and specific iPhone features, including iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay Screen Sharing. It indicated the following:

“Due to the regulatory uncertainties resulting from the Digital Markets Act, we do not believe we will be able to roll out three of these features to our EU users this year.

We are concerned that the DMA’s interoperability requirements could force us to compromise the integrity of our products in a way that compromises user privacy and data security.”

DMA protects the consumer

The Digital Markets Act (DMA), originally passed in 2022, is an EU regulation intended to ensure fair and competitive digital markets. It focuses on so-called ‘gatekeepers’, which are identified in the law as large digital platforms such as search engines and app stores.

For consumers, the Digital Markets Act contains several provisions, including the right to install apps from competing app stores, the right to decide whether companies can use consumer data across services, and the option to opt-out of tracking and profiling for personalized advertising .

All in all, it seems like the tech giant needs even more time to comply with the European Union’s stricter guidelines. It has not yet announced when it will launch the AI ​​upgrades in Europe.


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