Google is one of the most popular companies in the world, and not just in the technology industry. The company’s search engine, which was its first product, is still the company’s flagship product and remains the clear leader in the search engine market.

In addition to this, the conglomerate also owns other very popular services: the operating system Androidthe video platform YouTubethe file storage environment Google Drive and many others.

However, the conglomerate also has a series of parallel and lesser-known companies, all operating under the same umbrella.

What is Alphabet?

All these products and divisions, from the most famous to the unknown, are under the supervision of the same brand: a company called Alphabet, which goes almost unnoticed, but plays an important role in the conglomerate.

The Google umbrella logo.Fonte:  Alphabet

Established in October 2015, she is the administrative responsible for the entire company — just as Meta is the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsAppfor example. It was created to bring together and organize these subsidiaries, which have accumulated over the years. Since not all of them are named Google or have a direct relationship with the service, they were placed under the supervision of a company with just this purpose.

That way, the name Google becomes just that of the search engine itselfwhile other companies are free to develop parallel projects more independently.

Examples of other companies owned by Google


The company logo.The company logo.Source: Calico

A California Life Companycalled by the abbreviation Calicois a laboratory that develops biotechnologies. With little information about its operation disclosed, this company is focused on “prolong human life”.

In practice, this means study generative diseases and find possible solutionssuch as the creation of medicines or treatments at a genetic level. The company has been in operation for 11 years, but has not yet launched a commercial product.

2. GFiber

Google also has a internet provider. Exclusive to the United States, GFiber (formerly called Google Fiber) is a residential and commercial operator operating exclusively in the United States.

The carrier only operates in a few US cities.The carrier only operates in a few US cities.Fonte:  GFiber

Founded in 2012, the subsidiary offers fiber optic internet starting at 1 Gbps for US$70 per month (R$385 in direct currency conversion), with no additional installation or equipment charges.

3. GV

With an eye on the technology market, Alphabet owns a subsidiary of risk capitalwhich buys equity stakes in other companies. Her name is GVacronym for Google Ventures.

The logo of the investment fund.The logo of the investment fund.Source: GV

Created in 2009, it helps startups not only financially, but also by bringing them closer to Google’s technologies. It has already participated with more than US$ 10 billion in funds, with investments in companies such as Uber, Slack and Nest, which ended up becoming one of its own subsidiaries.

4. Waymo

Perhaps the most famous of Alphabet’s parallel divisions, Waymo is responsible for develop a self-driving car com a self-driving system without human drivers. A rival to companies like Tesla in contracts to provide robotaxi services, the company is already testing only the car in motion in the US.

Waymo's robotaxi.Waymo’s robotaxi.Source: Waymo

Google’s plans for the truck have been in place since 2009, but the situation is not as positive as it seems. Plans to launch a truck were likely scrapped last year, when Waymo was one of the subsidiaries most affected by layoffs at the conglomerate.

5. Wing

Subsidiary since 2018, Wing is a company that works on developing a delivery technology using drones. The idea is to provide an alternative to conventional deliveries, both in remote regions or close to distribution centers.

Wing's current drone.Wing’s current drone.Fonte:  Wing

The brand already has some partnerships in the US with Walmart stores and has also been used to deliver medicines. In January 2024, it introduced a new drone model that is larger and has a greater payload capacity.

6. X Development

Do not confuse it with Elon Musk’s social network formerly called Twitter. This X is one project incubator within Alphabetresponsible for housing products and services under development that can take off on their own.

The logo of the X laboratory.The logo of the X laboratory.Source: X

The idea is for employees to come up with radical ideas that help improve the world or solve societal problems — and, if possible, bring them to life. X has already served to power companies like Waymo and Wing, as well as bold ideas like Google Glass.


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