In the cold of winter, the desire to go on walks or outings diminishes. But there are many table game options to have fun at home, whether with your partner or with friends. Whether cards, jboard games or puzzle challenging, there is always a game that pleases everyone.

Some are simpler, with few rules and quick matcheswhile others are more demanding and need strategy and keen perception to win. From the classics, like the Jgame of life e ONEeven games inspired by video games like God of War: Card Game, There are options for all ages, tastes and budgets.

With that in mind, we made a selection of discounted games on Amazonso you don’t spend the winter without having what to play; check out!

Discounted board games, cards and puzzles

  • Profile 7 Game, Grow for R$ 95.90
  • Perfil Express Game: Movies and Series for R$40.18
  • Game of Life, Star for R$ 98.09
  • Kingdomino Duel Game, PaperGames for R$97.36
  • Blue Game, Galapagos for R$ 309.45
  • New York 1901 Game, PaperGames for R$ 205.72
  • Concept Game, Galapagos for R$ 256.99
  • SILK Game, Devir for R$ 182.49
  • Pandemic Game, Galapagos for R$ 275.06
  • Dany game, BURĂ“ for R$139.90
  • 7 Wonders Duel Game, Galapagos for R$206.05
  • We Haven’t Tested This Thing Game for R$78.90
  • UNO Game: The Mandalorian for R$24.67
  • Framed Game, Copag for R$49.99
  • Race For The Galaxy 2nd Edition Game for R$117.95
  • It’s a Wonderful World, Galapagos game for R$285.00
  • God of War: Card Game for R$219.90
  • Queendomino Game, PaperGames for R$178.8
  • The Mind, Galapagos game for R$65.48
  • Exploding Kittens, Galapagos Game for R$93.99
  • Edvard Munch: The Scream Jigsaw Puzzle for R$21.90
  • Egypt Puzzle: Pyramids of Giza for R$21.87
  • Tropical Wonders Puzzle: Leaves for R$23.20
  • Nano-Dondocats Jigsaw Puzzle, 500 pieces for R$21.66
  • Ticket to Ride Game, Galapagos for R$359.81
  • Marvel Zombies, Galapagos game for R$620.91
  • Harry Potter: Horcrux Challenge Game, Copag for R$16.90
  • Walk The Plank Game: Pirates at Sea, PaperGames for R$24.90
  • UNO Game: The Mandalorian for R$24.67
  • Sinister Stories: Vacation, Galapagos Game for R$35.99
  • MicroMacro Game: Crime City, Galapagos for R$197.90
  • Face to Face, Star Game for R$78.90
  • Twister Game, Hasbro Gaming for R$99.99
  • Monopoly Game, Hasbro Gaming for R$99.90
  • Profile Express Game: Harry Potter for R$36.72

You can check out these and other options Discounted board, card and puzzle games at Amazon!


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