Guaranteeing iSharper images, faster response times, and advanced features that make gameplay more immersivegaming monitors are great options for those looking for an immersive gaming experience.

Therefore, during the most exciting matches, having a monitor that monitors the intensity and speed of the games is essential. However, the prices of these monitors can be a deterrent for many gamers.

And you’re looking for a gaming monitor, we have good news! Currently, Mercado Livre has several gaming monitors on sale, with options ranging from 75Hz to 165Hz and discounts of up to 59%.

Below, check out a curation with gamer monitors Pichau, Mancer, Samsung, LG and moreto renew your Setup Gamer while spending less:

  • Monitor Gamer Samsung T350 24” FHD, 75Hz por R$ 636,00
  • Monitor Gamer Mancer Horizon 21.45” FHD, 75Hz por R$ 494.11
  • Monitor Gamer Mancer Horizon Z24 23.8” FHD, 75Hz por R$ 611,75
  • Monitor Gamer Mancer Horizon Z27 27”, 75Hz por R$ 764.69
  • Monitor Gamer Pichau Centauri Pulse 27”, 165hz por R$ 1.348,99
  • Monitor Ultrawide LG 29WK600 29” FHD, 75Hz por R$ 1.022,20
  • Monitor Ultrawide LG 29WL500 29”, 75 Hz por R$ 1.072,00
  • Monitor Gamer Mancer Valak Z180h 24” FHD, 180Hz por R$ 902.99
  • Monitor Gamer Mancer Horizon Z Pro 27”, 165Hz por R$ 941.17
  • Monitor Gamer Samsung T350 27” FHD, 75Hz por R$ 795,00
  • Monitor Gamer Curvo Agon AG323FCXE 31.5”, 165Hz por R$ 1.468,94
  • Monitor Gamer AOC 27g2s 27”, 165Hz por R$ 980,00
  • Monitor Gamer AOC 24G2SE 23.8″ LCD, 165 Hz por R$ 880,00
  • Monitor Gamer Curvo Bluecase Pro 23,8”, 100Hz por R$ 701,22
  • Monitor Gamer Samsung Odyssey G32 27″ FHD, 165Hz por R$ 1.269,88
  • Monitor Gamer Mnbox D-MN171 17,1” por R$ 440,10

This is your chance to purchase a quality monitor and transform your gaming sessions without breaking the bank. Visit the Mercado Livre website and take advantage of the offers while they last!


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