Who has never been in trouble when their cell phone runs out of battery? Situations like this can be tricky, especially when everything is connected to the device.

In these cases, portable chargers, also known as power banks, appear as allies, providing a new charge for the smartphone in a practical and often very quick wayavoiding being held hostage by sockets.

And AliExpress has different models on offer, with options Baseus, KUULAA and other brands from R$ 19.90 for the first purchase on the website.

Are you interested? See below 9 options to discover on AliExpress:

Pineng Portable Charger, 10,000mAh: with a capacity of 10,000mAh, it is possible to carry out approximately 3 to 4 charges on your cell phone. From R$19,99.

Baseus PD20W Portable Charger, 10,000mAh: With magnetic design for convenient charging, simply attach the magnetic power bank, it has 7.5W. From R$153,89.

USAMS Mini Portable Charger, 10,000mAh: with compact design, digital screen, 33W power and 10,000mAh capacity. From R$157,44.

KUULAA Mini Portable Charger: has a built-in plug, 4,500mAh capacity and USB-C input. from R$84,69.

Baseus PD20W Portable Charger, 20,000mAh: has a USB type-C input, is compatible with different devices and has 20,000mAh. From R$135,64

Xiaomi Magsafe Portable Charger, 30,000mAh: small, light and portable, offers 30,000mAh and magnetic attraction. From R$88,23.

USAMS Portable Charger, 30,000mAh: count on fast charging, capacity of 30,000mAh and 65W. From R$243,83

Baseus Mini Portable Charger, 5,000mAh: this compact model has 5,000mAh, 20W, USB Type C and compatibility with different devices.

Baseus Magsafe Portable Charger, 6,000mAh: with 20W of power and 6,000mAh capacity, this model is a good option for iPhone users. From R$157,13.

Did you like the options? So don’t waste time and get your portable charger on AliExpress now!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/produto/284922-confira-9-opcoes-carregadores-portateis-oferta-nao-passar-aperto-em-nenhum-lugar.htm

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