The bulk of the funds raised go towards American bitcoin ETFs, even if the market is growing for other crypto-assets.

Digital asset investment products saw $2 billion in net inflows in the first week of June globally, according to Coinshares. This is the fifth consecutive week of positive entries in this booming sector. The amount of net inflows recorded over the last five weeks stands at $4.3 billion.

According to Coinshares, trading volumes (for sale and purchase) of ETPs (a set of exchange-traded products including ETFs) reached $12.8 billion in the week of June 3, i.e. an increase of 55% compared to the previous week.

Cryptocurrency investment products from asset managers, such as Ark Invest, Bitwise, Blackrock, Fidelity, Grayscale, ProShares and 21Shares, saw net inflows totaling $2 billion in the first week of June , representing a fifth consecutive week of positive inflows, according to the latest report from Coinshares.

Bitcoin in the lead

In detail, Blackrock’s iShares recorded $948 million in inflows, the Fidelity ETF $680 million in inflows and the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF $131 million. These three ETFs therefore represent the vast majority of investments in cryptocurrencies via this type of product.

Bitcoin still holds its place as the world’s leading cryptocurrency, including in ETPs. Of the $2 billion in net inflows last week, $1.97 billion was into bitcoin. 98.50% of funds entering crypto ETFs go to bitcoin ETFs. For their part, ether ETFs reached 68.9 million euros, the best week of inflows since March for the second largest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of capitalization.


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