Dell Technologies has launched three models of the 16th generation of PowerEdge servers manufactured in Brazil. The T160 tower and the R260 and R360 racks are compact devices that aim to meet the growing demands of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and IT environments at the edge.

This change accelerates the availability of this equipment on the national market and can offer significant advantages for companies and IT professionals looking for robust solutions with good cost-benefit.

The local production of these models aims to meet the growing demand for cutting-edge technology in Brazil, with more agile support and better adaptation to the specific needs of the Brazilian market.

Energy Star Certified Dell PowerEdge Servers

The new Dell PowerEdge T160, R260 and R360 servers are Energy Star certified, reflecting Dell’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Energy Star is an international energy efficiency certification program launched by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It identifies and promotes products that are highly energy efficient, helping consumers and businesses save energy and reduce their carbon footprints.

Even with a focus on energy efficiency, the servers do not compromise on performance. Equipped with Intel® Xeon® E-2400 series processors and DDR5 memory, they offer processing power suitable for mission-critical applications and real-time data management.

PowerEdge T160

Built with recycled materials, the Dell PowerEdge T160 tower server combines a compact design with high performance. With a chassis weighing less than 17 liters, the T160 is 42 percent smaller than the previous T150 model, making it ideal for space-constrained environments such as retail offices and warehouses.

The tower supports multiple storage options, including NVMe SSDs, ensuring speed and efficiency. It also features advanced security with a cyber-resilient architecture, including multi-factor authentication and silicon-based root of trust.

PowerEdge R260 e R360


Compact and high-performance, the Dell PowerEdge R360 server is designed for more demanding and complex workloads, offering greater storage flexibility that is significant for the Brazilian IT market, bringing high-performance, energy-efficient solutions to data centers and environments with limited space.

With simplified manageability, the R260 and R360 reduce operating costs. Support for high-efficiency power supplies, such as the 300W Bronze and 500W Platinum options, contributes to more sustainable energy consumption.

Dell Presence in Brazil

Dell Technologies is a global technology giant that stands out for its presence in Brazil since 1993. The company has established itself as a provider of IT solutions for companies of all sizes, from startups and small businesses to large corporations and government institutions.

In 2007, Dell took an important step towards strengthening its presence in the country by opening its factory in Hortolândia, in the interior of São Paulo. This unit, which employs around 1,000 people, is responsible for assembling approximately 90% of the products sold by Dell in the country.

Dell Technologies’ commitment to Brazil has been recognized by numerous awards and rankings. The company is consistently ranked among the best companies to work for in the country, in addition to being recognized for its excellence in customer service and innovation.

Relationship Program for IT Professionals

With the aim of boosting the careers of independent IT professionals in Brazil, Dell Technologies developed the Dell Expert Network, a relationship program aimed at consultants in the segment.

Members have access to exclusive benefits such as a dedicated account manager, Dell Technologies solution certifications, referral rewards program, exclusive events and more.

To learn more about the Dell Expert Network and pre-register, visit the TecMundo page in partnership with Dell Technologies.


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