The United States National Security Agency (NSA) has released tips on how you can protect your cell phone against intruders. In informative material, the entity gave suggestions for best practices to prevent your data from being accessed by criminals or having content stolen by malware.

The NSA’s recommendations are numerous and concern not only the way in which the user connects to other devices, but also which accessories they should use to preserve their personal information.

The NSA’s suggestions reinforce best practices for keeping your device protected.Source: NSA/Reproduction

Below, check out some of the highlights:

  • Disable Bluetooth when not using it;
  • Do not connect to public Wi-Fi networks;
  • Install as few applications as possible, keeping only those you need to use;
  • Pay attention to the permissions granted to applications;
  • Cover the camera and microphone if possible;
  • Do not have conversations about sensitive topics over the phone;
  • Enable password authentication, biometrics or facial recognition;
  • Disable cell phone location when not necessary;
  • Do not click on links in unknown emails or websites;
  • Do not interact with pop-ups that appear in the browser;
  • Do not make modifications to the cell phone software (root);
  • Use only official accessories (cables, chargers, headphones and others).

Even though the NSA’s suggestions are part of common sense (especially those more linked to cybersecurity), some of them are not that widespread. The agency recommends, for example, restarting your cell phone weekly.

Solutions are not infallible

Even if the user adopts the best possible practices to keep their device safe, this does not mean that it is completely protected against internet threats or other types of attackers. There are a variety of factors that are beyond your control, such as breaches from other devices and the lack of software updates (common in most cell phone manufacturers).

Still, with the tips provided by the NSA, it is possible to reduce the occurrence of intrusions and keep your cell phone more protected. These are basic but important tips to remember and disseminate among users to keep their friends and family protected against everyday threats.


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