With more than six decades of history, the Britannia is a Brazilian brand of household and portable appliances, and offers blenders, planetary mixers, electric ovens, vacuum cleaners and much more.

With so many years on the market, it is impossible to deny the quality that the brand offers. And for those who need to equip their home, Shopee has several offers on Britânia products, with discounts of up to 45% on kitchen utensils, small appliances, tools and more categories to take advantage of.

Below, we have prepared a selection of offers that are worth checking out. See our suggestions:

  • Britânia BCH03RS 1.8L Electric Kettle for R$89.90
  • Britânia Ceramic Argan Tourmaline board for R$59.90
  • Britânia BFE55P Electric Oven, 52L for R$369.90
  • Britânia Shave BBA02 shaver for R$119.90
  • Britânia Bella Cuccina 3L Air Fryer for R$239.90
  • Britânia Gourmet BCG1 barbecue for R$119.90
  • Britânia BSC4000 Tourmaline Hair Dryer for R$109.90
  • Britânia Gourmet CGB4 barbecue for R$149.90
  • Britânia BVT500 2 in 1 Maxx Force fan for R$149.90
  • Britânia BVT450 Maxx Force Column Fan for R$199.90
  • Air Fryer Britânia BFR30, 3L for R$219.90
  • Britânia Portable Steam Treadmill BVP02L for R$159.90
  • Britânia BAS1290V Vertical Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 for R$149.90
  • Britânia Bas1430 Vacuum Cleaner for R$189.90
  • Britânia BCX12500 Amplified Speaker for R$499.90
  • Britânia BMP950 Plus 2-in-1 multiprocessor for R$109.90
  • Britânia BCR15B Clothes Centrifuge for R$439.90
  • Britânia BKT83 3-in-1 Kitchen Kit with blender, mixer and mixer for R$259.90
  • Britânia BCF15 coffee maker, 15 cups for R$99.90
  • Britânia BAS1200C Vertical 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner for R$139.90
  • Waffle Maker Britânia BWM05RS for R$99.90
  • Britânia BFE10V Electric Oven, 10L for R$149.90
  • Britânia BMX350V Mixer for R$79.90
  • Britânia Gold BPP02G Pressure Cooker for R$359.90
  • Britânia BBE12P drinking fountain, 10L for R$299.90
  • Britânia 2-in-1 Impact Drill BFU01M for R$99.90
  • Britânia AB1100N heater for R$99.90
  • Britânia Hobby screwdriver 4.8V BPF01 for R$69.90
  • Britânia FB178 Steam Iron 180ml for R$79.90
  • Britânia BMO34PB microwave, 34L for R$559.90

Did you like the offers? Check out these and many other opportunities on the Shopee website!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/produto/286214-fritadeiras-eletricas-aspiradores-po-outros-itens-britania-45-desconto-veja-oportunidades.htm

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