Apple approved the launch of the Epic Games Store on iOS last Friday (5), but only temporarily. Now, the iPhone maker is demanding that the app store owner review the look and feel of the interface details.

On Friday (5), Epic Games used its official X profile (formerly Twitter) to speak out against Apple. According to the company, the store Epic Games Store was rejected by Apple for having buttons and labels too similar to those on the App Store.

The company claims it used the same conventions used in app stores across multiple platforms, including the visual patterns of iOS apps. “We’re just trying to build a store that mobile users can easily understand,” Epic Games said in a tweet.

Later that same day, the Apple approved the Epic Games storebut temporarily, the company’s CEO Tim Sweeney said, also on X. “Apple is now telling reporters that this approval is temporary and requires us to change the buttons in the next version,” he said in the post.

Non-standard interface

From the executive’s perspective, the Change could take Epic Games Store out of market standards and make it harder to use. So he promises to fight Apple’s decision.

So far, the Apple has not commented publicly on the matter.but confirmed to Epic Games that the buttons and labels are the only irregularities to be fixed, a spokesperson for the developer said.

For now, It is not known whether Epic Games will comply with the request Apple, nor what would happen if it disregarded the request of the owner of iOS. The fact is, however, that this is yet another chapter in the years-long dispute between the two companies.


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