The PlayStation is undoubtedly one of the most popular video game consoles in the world. With a wide range of games, excellent performance for processing images and sounds, and an extraordinary amount of storage space, this is one of the favorite consoles of gamers.

Currently, the newest model of this console is the PlayStation 5, which was released on the market in November 2020. After that, it received a new update with the PlayStation 5 Slim model, which is slightly smaller and was released three years later, in November 2023.

But which model is best suited for those looking to buy a PlayStation? And if you’re on a tight budget, is it still worth investing in an older console from the brand? In the following article, we’ll answer these and several other questions you may have before buying yours.

How much does it cost to buy a PlayStation?

PlayStation prices tend to vary depending on the model and extra features. (Source: GettyImages / Reproduction)Source: GettyImages / Reproduction

Let’s move on to the prices of the most current PlayStation consoles (average prices). Today, a PlayStation 5 is sold for around R$3,600, while the PlayStation Slim is sold for around R$3,800 – according to values ​​from May 2024.

Additionally, there are some extras that can be added to the PS5 Slim if the gamer you want, such as a detachable disc reader that is sold separately for the estimated suggested price of R$ 699.90. With it, the PlayStation 5 Slim can now play Blu-Ray discs and physical media games. Without it, it can only support digital games stored in the cloud.

If you’re looking to choose an older model, the PlayStation 4, according to an average estimated by search engines, costs around R$2,200. Therefore, it could be a good entry point for this console if the price fits better into your budget.

What is the difference between PlayStation 4 and 5?

If you opt for a PS 4, know that you will still be purchasing an excellent console. (Source: GettyImages / Reproduction)If you opt for a PS 4, know that you will still be purchasing an excellent console. (Source: GettyImages / Reproduction)Source: GettyImages / Reproduction

Even though the PlayStation 5 version has been on the market since 2020, there are still many people who have a PlayStation 4 or who are organizing themselves to buy the old model – which means, of course, a big saving in your pocket.

For obvious reasons, the models of the PS5 has, of course, better performance in delivering graphics and gaming experiencebut that doesn’t mean that the PS 4 isn’t still a very good device. Therefore, it’s worth analyzing the differences between the consoles, which are already beginning to manifest themselves in the processor issue:

  • the PS4 has a 1.6GHz eight-core AMD Jaguar CPU;
  • The PS5 features an eight-core, 3.5GHz AMD Zen 2 CPU.

Among the impacts of this evolution of the two machines is the difference in the delivery of graphic quality. The PS4 displays games in 1080p resolution (Full HD) at 30 frames per second. Meanwhile, the PS5 supports resolutions of up to 4K and 8K, with refresh rates of up to 120 Hz.

Because of this, the PlayStation 5 is certainly capable of delivering a more immersive experience to gamer. But here’s an extra tip: to enjoy all these PS 5 features, Ideally, you should have a TV at home equipped to transmit images in 4K and HDR. Otherwise, it’s like buying a Ferrari and only driving it in your own garage.

Another important difference between the two consoles is their storage capacity. The PlayStation 4 has storage options of 500 GB or 1 TB, and the possibility of expansion through an external HD.

The PlayStation 5 comes with a custom 825 GB SSD, which not only increases its capacity but also makes game loading times faster. The PS5 Slim, in fact, even expands this capacity to 1 Terabyte, bringing even more space.

Finally, another aspect to be evaluated is that console number 5 is starting to get some exclusive games that only run on this machine because of the requirement made to software. However, as already mentioned, all these elements do not make the PlayStation 4 a bad device, and it is still worth investing in this console if it meets your needs.

What do you need to consider before buying a PlayStation?

Okay, so you’ve decided to finally buy your next-generation PlayStation, but you’re still unsure about which console to choose? If that’s the case, check out our guide below to the things you need to know before choosing one of the models or even to decide if PlayStation is really for you.

Choosing a PlayStation is the guarantee of having a cutting-edge video game system to provide the best experiences. (Source: GettyImages / Reproduction)Choosing a PlayStation is the guarantee of having a cutting-edge video game system to provide the best experiences. (Source: GettyImages / Reproduction)Source: GettyImages / Reproduction

PS5 models

As we explained above, the PlayStation 5 is currently offered in two main models: the standard – popularly called “Fat” by some gamers, for being more “robust” or full-bodied – and the Playstation 5 Slim.

Some game reviewers make an interesting comparison between them: the standard is like a large family car that has a spacious trunk (the disc player), while the Slim is a super nice sports car, but without a trunk.

In practice, the Slim is 30% “thinner” and has a 1 TB SSD, which means more gameplay and space for games.

A visible difference between the two models is the design. The PlayStation Slim has a black line that crosses the middle of its box, while the traditional PS 5 has a plate on each side. Aesthetically, therefore, the Slim is leaner and even elegant – an assessment that always depends on personal taste, of course.

Another important element: PlayStation 5 Slim does not level itself when placed horizontallyas it requires the use of a stand that comes with the console. It also has an extra USB-C port on the front of the device. The PlayStation 5 “Fat”, on the other hand, sits flat horizontally.

The measurements between the two can also be compared when choosing yours. The standard PlayStation 5 measures 39 x 10.4 x 10.2cm and weighs 4.5kg. The PlayStation 5 Slim measures 35.8 x 21.6 x 9.6cm and weighs just 3.2kg, meaning it is 30% smaller in both size and weight.

Technical specifications

The two consoles have similar components: feature the AMD Zen 2 processor and the same graphics card with RDNA 2 structure. This means that they do not bring major differences when running games.

The main difference between the standard PS5 and the PS5 Slim involves storage capacity. While the PlayStation 5 Slim has a capacity of 1 Terabyte (which is equivalent to 1024 GB), the standard PlayStation 5 offers 825 GB. However, This does not change your performance when running games.but it offers more space to store them.

Game availability

Some games are already being made available exclusively for the PS 5. (Source: GettyImages / Reproduction)Some games are already being made available exclusively for the PS 5. (Source: GettyImages / Reproduction)Source: GettyImages / Reproduction

The PlayStation 5 is compatible with both physical and digital games. Most people today prefer to purchase digital games, which are stored in the cloud and take up no physical space in the home.

However, it is worth remembering here that Those who buy physical media have the opportunity to exchange or sell the games they want later.which can be a huge advantage. On the PS5 Slim, you can only use digital games, unless you buy the extra reader for an extra price.

Another aspect to be highlighted is that the PS5, as already mentioned, is receiving more and more exclusive games that do not run on previous versions of the console. This is due to the more advanced features provided by the device.

Control Features

Both PlayStation models feature the same DualSense wireless controller, which is being seen as one of its biggest attractions, as it has several wonderful features and promises to offer an unparalleled immersive tactile experience.

Among the controller’s features are adaptive triggers and an integrated microphone, allowing the gamer chat with your friends without using a headset. Without a doubt, it is a truly incredible technological advancement. It is worth remembering, however, that it is up to the console owner to buy the controller charger.

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