Buying a good Air Fryer becomes a much easier task when we understand how this popular appliance works, as well as knowing what its advantages are. Also called an oil-free electric fryer, the Air Fryer works using resistance and hot air ventilation.

The technology, based on convection without the need for oil, It has been gaining more and more space in Brazilian kitchens as it is a healthier and lower-cost option for preparing various foods.

But how to choose the best model among so many available on the market? Find out about everything you need to know before buying an electric fryer by reading along!

What are the advantages of having an Air Fryer?

Who has never imagined eating ‘fried’ food without harming their health? This is the idea behind oil-free fryers. And this is one of the countless benefits of the device that fries without fat. Others of them are:

Healthier eating

A study published in the European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology in 2017 compared traditional frying with Air Fryer, it found that French fries in the oil-free fryer had an average of 70% less fat.

In other words, an electric fryer can expand your menu with drier recipes, without losing the succulence of the food. According to the specialist in functional and aesthetic nutrition, Caroline Lima, there is no harm in using the Air Fryer as long as it is used correctly!

Correct use of the air fryer prevents the formation of acrylamide in food.Fonte:  GettyImages

Great value for money

In addition to offering healthier eating, electric fryers are available in several models at more affordable prices than other household appliances. Just like the electric oven.

Oil-free fryers stand out for their efficiency and economy as well. They cook faster compared to traditional frying methods – without impacting your electricity bill.

With the Air Fryer, you can prepare:

  • meat, vegetables;
  • snacks;
  • breads;
  • savory;
  • cake;
  • sweets and desserts.

More practicality at home

Another advantage of the Air Fryer is the ease of cleaning and maintenance that the appliance requires from its user. Removable parts, such as the non-stick basket, can be placed directly in the dishwasher.

This means less work when washing and more time to enjoy family meals.

What to consider when choosing an oil-free electric fryer?

When choosing an Air Fryer, some points are essential to ensure you make the best choice. First, consider the number of people who will use it regularly and then analyze the other points:

Size and capacity according to user needs

Larger capacity air fryer models are ideal for larger families, while smaller versions may be suitable for individual use or couples. A logic that guarantees good air circulation and, consequently, more uniform cooking.

Therefore, keep in mind that:

Models of oil-free fryers with 3 floors are also other options for those who usually receive a lot of visitors at home. But, don’t forget: qThe larger the oil-free frying device, the more space it will take up in your kitchen.

Getting the right size for your air fryer helps optimize your time in the kitchen.Getting the right size for your air fryer helps optimize your time in the kitchen.Fonte:  GettyImages

Power determines performance and energy expenditure

Another aspect to analyze is the power of the Air Fryer. Models with higher power tend to cook food more quickly and efficientlyresulting in crispy and tasty dishes.

Regular use of the electric fryer also affects the household’s energy consumption. However, this shouldn’t change your electricity bill that much. To monitor energy expenditure, simply calculate the formula below and multiply the result found by the tariff in your state:

  • Power (in Watt) divided by 1000 x Usage time (in hours) = Consumption in kWh

Extra functions and features that expand the possibilities of use

Finally, it is interesting to check the resources offered by the domestic appliance that facilitate food preparation and guarantee better results in your eating routine, such as:

  • Digital panel with timer and sound warning;
  • Connectivity with other personal devices;
  • Functions such as dehydrating, defrosting, browning and heating food;
  • Glass display that makes it easy to monitor cooking;
  • System against overheating with automatic shutdown.

What are the types of Air Fryers available on the market?

The variety of existing models differ in terms of sizes, powers, extra features and innovative technology. So, get to know the main types of electric fryers!

Traditional Air Fryer

If you’re looking at a traditional oil-free fryer, know that basic models range from 3 to 8 liters in capacity and have two functions: heat and control the cooking time with a timer.

In addition to being more affordable, they offer the minimum you need to start preparing healthy and tasty meals.

Example of a traditional air fryer with an analog system.Example of a traditional Air Fryer with an analogue system.Fonte:  GettyImages

Air Fryer Digital

The digital Air Fryer offers similar capabilities to the basic models, but with greater control and adjustment of functions.

It is a technological option that brings modernity to the kitchen with digital Touch panel, pre-programmed recipes and even control via apps and virtual assistantssuch as Alexa and Google Assistant.

A more expensive evolution of traditional electric fryers, but one that offers interesting conveniences for those who can spend more!

Example of air fryer with digital system.Example of air fryer with digital system.Fonte:  GettyImages

Air Fryer with Double Basket

Double basket electric fryers have two drawers with independent temperature adjustment to cook more than one recipe at the same time. Ideal for those who need to synchronize food preparation!

Philco was the first brand to launch a national model with a double basket.Philco was the first brand to launch a national model with a double basket.Source: Philco/Disclosure

Air Fryer Integrated into other appliances

We’re talking versatile appliances with Air Fryer mode! In electric ovens, for example, there is a Greater capacity compared to traditional drawer modelsallowing the use of two or three trays inside the appliance to cook more food at the same time.

Appliances that have more than one function are ideal for small kitchens.Appliances that have more than one function are ideal for small kitchens.Source: VOGUE/Mueller/Editing: Bianca Seabra

Although they take up more space in the kitchen, integrated oil-free fryers replace not only the traditional electric oven, mas can also bake and dehydrate foods – like a conventional stove or microwave.

Microwave model with integrated Air Fryer.Microwave model with integrated Air Fryer.Source: Panasonic/Disclosure

What is the warranty and maintenance cost for your healthy oil-free fryer?

When purchasing a healthy fryer, it is essential to consider not only the initial cost of the device, but also the maintenance costs and technical assistance guaranteed at the time of purchase.

Many manufacturers offer one or two year warranty, which may cover repairs or replacement in the event of manufacturing defectssuch as faults in the heating or control panel of the oil-free fryer.

If the warranty has already expired, it is necessary to analyze the cost of possible maintenance. Before resorting to a professional repair, make sure that the problem cannot be solved with cleaning. following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Always wash removable parts with warm water and neutral soap, avoiding the use of abrasive products that could damage the non-stick coating.

Additionally, keep the device stored in a safe and stable location. If the problem persists, check if the repair cost exceeds 50% of the price of a new Air Fryer – which is a good indication that it is worth changing the model.

With all these tips in hand, it’s easier to invest in and maintain an oil-free fryer safely, right? If you liked the content, continue browsing TecMundo!

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