In search of practicality for the kitchen, many consumers are looking for frost free refrigerator, known for saving time by making maintenance simple and quick. But after all, how does this refrigerator model work?

Present in most current devices, frost free or “freezing-free” technology, in free translation, is a refrigeration system with electronic control capable of preventing the formation of ice on the walls and ceiling of the freezer or freezer. This way, you don’t need to turn off the appliance to clean it.

In addition to not having to wait for the ice to melt, as in the version with manual defrosting, the Frost free refrigerator has greater efficiency in air circulation inside. This allows the temperature to be distributed evenly across the shelves, improving food conservation.

What to consider when choosing a frost free refrigerator?

The frost free refrigerator avoids spending time defrosting the freezer.Source: Brastemp/Disclosure

Are you tired of unplugging the refrigerator to clean it and removing the melted ice, and have you decided to change it? It is important to pay attention to some factors to choose the best option. check out What to take into account when buying a frost free refrigerator:

Available space

The first tip is check the measurements of the desired refrigerator and compare it with the kitchen space, as the technology can be found in both small and larger models. Also check the availability of sockets.

Required capacity

The refrigerators low capacity (270 to 300 liters) They are recommended for couples or those who live alone. Already those of medium size (300 to 400 liters) serve up to four people, while those of high capacity (over 400 liters) They are ideal for large families.

Energy efficiency

In general, This type of refrigerator consumes a little more energy than a conventional one.. Therefore, check the Procel seal on the frost free refrigerator, remembering that models classified in category “A” are the most economical.

Refrigerators with reversible doors adapt more easily to the environment.Refrigerators with reversible doors adapt more easily to the environment.Source: Samsung/Disclosure

Design and finish

Compact, single door refrigerator has an internal freezer and is for small spaces or those who store little food, while the two doors brings the freezer separately, at the top or at the bottom (inverse). There is also the model side by sidewith side-by-side doors, occupying a larger area.

As for the finish, the refrigerator is available in cores white, stainless steel and black.

Extra features

Certain models may offer greater practicality due to the presence of extra features. Electronic panel, filter to eliminate odors, LED lighting, water and ice dispenser and rapid cooling are some of the differences found.


How much does a frost free refrigerator cost? The value depends on everything we said above, that is, the bigger it is, the more doors it has and equipped with extra features, the more expensive it will be.

Which frost free refrigerator to buy?

How about getting to know some refrigerator models with this technology? Check out the selection made by TecMundo:

Brastemp Frost Free Duplex BRM44HB refrigerator, 375 liters

Image: Brastemp Frost Free Duplex BRM44HB refrigerator, 375 liters
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

This Frost Free model has an electronic panel, extra-cold compartment, special cooling accelerator, Procel A Seal (Most Efficient) and a capacity of 375 Liters.

We started with a frost-free refrigerator from Brastemp with an external freezer, 375 liters of capacity, compartment for cans and bottles and a drawer for vegetables. The duplex model also features an electronic panel, rapid cooling and LED lighting.

Consul Frost Free Duplex CRM39AB Refrigerator, 340 Liters

Image: Consul Frost Free Duplex CRM39AB Refrigerator, 340 Liters
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The Consul Duplex Refrigerator has an extra cold compartment, temperature control and drawers for vegetables and fruits. With internal separation, it is Frost Free and has a turbo function.

In this option, one of the highlights is the Turbo function to chill drinks faster on special occasions. The Consul refrigerator with frost free also allows you to adjust the shelves up to eight levels, facilitating organization, and has a high-capacity freezer.

Panasonic Frost Free Inverse Refrigerator NR-BB53GV3B, 425 Liters

Image: Panasonic Frost Free Inverse Refrigerator NR-BB53GV3B, 425 Liters
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With a modern design, touch panel and good capacity, the Panasonic Econavi NR-BB53GV3 refrigerator offers energy savings with the Procel A seal, 425 liters, Climate Control and Fresh Zone drawer with Vitamin Power, which intensifies the vitamins in food.

Panasonic’s Inverse refrigerator uses Inverter technology to reduce energy consumption by 36%, according to the manufacturer. Tempered glass door, touch panel, humidity and temperature control and LED lights are other features.

Brastemp Frost Free Inverse BRE85AK Refrigerator, 588 Liters

Image: Brastemp Frost Free Inverse BRE85AK Refrigerator, 588 Liters
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The Brastemp Frost Free BRE85AK refrigerator has a total internal capacity of 588 liters, several compartments, Touch Black panel, Turbo Ice and Turbo Zone.

The biggest option on the list, it has 588 liters of capacity, distributed between the freezer, below, and the refrigerator at the top. In addition, it has an electronic panel, a compartment for freezing glasses, space for delicate foods and an independent water supply.

Samsung Frost Free Inverse Refrigerator RL4353RBASL, 435 Liters

Image: Samsung Frost Free Inverse RL4353RBASL Refrigerator, 435 Liters
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The Samsung BAROSA RL4353RBASL Refrigerator offers generous capacity, advanced technology, Smart Sensor and elegant design to meet the needs of modern families.

Samsung is another manufacturer of frost free refrigerators like this model with temperature and humidity sensors, Digital Inverter technology for greater energy efficiency, LED lights and wine bottle holder. The reversible doors are another attraction, making it easier to adapt to the kitchen.

Electrolux Frost Free Duplex TF56S Refrigerator, 474 Liters

Image: Electrolux Frost Free Duplex TF56S Refrigerator, 474 Liters
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With good internal space and many functions, the model meets the needs of families of four or five people. It has a capacity of 474L, Frost Free technology, Procel A seal and more for your home.

Finally, we present the 474 liter Electrolux Frost Free Duplex refrigerator, which has the largest freezer in the segment, with 128 liters of capacity, according to the manufacturer. It features the quick freezing function, ice production compartment, LED lighting, touch panel and door open alert.


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