Offering a diversity of products ranging from cell phones and tablets to Smart TVs and notebooks, the South Korean giant Samsung has been gaining more and more space in the marketensuring performance and options for different tastes.

And if you are a fan of the brand and are looking for Samsung products on offer, we have good news! Currently, Mercado Livre has brought a variety of offers on its website and among them you will find cell phones, tablets, Smart TVs, Samsung notebooks and more with up to 50% off.

So, don’t waste time and check out a selection of offers below. Samsung products to enjoy and save on Mercado Livre:

  • Samsung Galaxy A34 5G cell phone, 128GB for R$ 1,619.10
  • Celular Samsung Galaxy A25 5G, 256GB por R$ 1.421,21
  • Samsung Galaxy A54 5G cell phone, 128GB for R$ 1,742.30
  • Samsung Galaxy A15 4G cell phone, 128GB for R$ 899.10
  • Samsung Galaxy A15 5G cell phone, 128GB for R$ 999.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 FE cell phone, 128GB for R$ 2,499.30
  • Monitor Gamer Samsung T350 24” FHD, 75Hz por R$
  • Monitor Gamer Samsung Odyssey G30 24” FHD, 144Hz por R$ 831,00
  • Smart TV 43” Samsung T5300 Full Hd Tizen por R$ 1.871,00
  • Smart TV 50” Samsung Crystal UHD 4K, 50CU8000 por R$ 2.607,14
  • Smart Gaming TV 43” Samsung Neo Qled 4k, 43qn90c por R$ 3.099,00
  • Smart TV 55” Samsung Qled 4k Q60d por R$ 3.299,00
  • Smart TV 65” Samsung Crystal UHD 4K, 65DU8000 por R$ 3.929,00
  • Smart TV 70” Samsung Crystal UHD 4K, 70DU8000 por R$ 5.164,05

To take advantage of these and other offers, simply access the Mercado Livre website or application. And don’t waste time, as prices can change at any time!

R$ 795,00


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