The new Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 are now official. During Galaxy Unpacked in Paris, France, Samsung officially launched the new devices and brought several other new products.

If last year the big highlight of the event was the Galaxy Z Flip, this year it was the Fold’s turn. That’s because the new Galaxy Z Fold 6 brings a new look, more performance and artificial intelligenceit is clear.

But the Z Fold 6’s new look is what draws the most attention to the device. Samsung has given this model a major update, and has also said that it has brought the foldable phone closer to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. And it has also gained new colors: gray, pink and navy blue, in addition to the exclusive black and white models from the online store.

What does this design update mean? In practice, The Z Fold 6 now has straighter edges and corners, without as many curves as the previous version. In fact, even the side part when it is closed is closer.

Compared to the Z Fold 5, the new model is a little “lower”, but also a little wider. But it is thinner and lighter: now it’s 239 grams, compared to 253 grams for last year’s model. This is a difference that you can notice when you have it in your hands. Here are the dimensions of the new model:

  • Folded up: 68,1 x 153,5 x 12,1mm;

  • Unfolded: 132,6 x 153,5 x 5,6mm.

I really liked this update to the device’s design. With this, it is now also more “square” compared to the last model. The larger screen remains at 7.6 inches in size, and the resolution, which was already high, has increased a little (QXGA+, 2160 x 1856p, 1-120Hz LTPO).

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 has an improved external screen

But this visual difference shouldn’t only be felt on the larger screen. The screen on the outside of the phone, when it’s closed, It’s now 6.3 inches in size and has a slightly wider aspect ratio of 22.1:9. It features LTPO technology (1-120Hz) and HD+ resolution (2376 x 968p).

This means that typing on the Z Fold 6’s external screen may be more comfortable. One of the main drawbacks of the Z Fold 5 was precisely its narrower aspect ratio, which made typing on this panel less easy. In fact, both displays feature Dynamic AMOLED 2x technology, which promises very deep blacks and high color fidelity.

I was able to test the new phones during Unpacked and I felt that the Z Fold 6 is in a more “mature” generation. An example of this is the hinge: in the previous model it is already very firm, but in the new one it seems to be even more secure when we apply some pressure. And despite that, it also seemed a little easier to open than the previous generation.

Software Improvements and Galaxy AI

On both the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, Samsung is now bringing the new One UI 6.1.1 update, which comes under Android 14. One of the main highlights of the update is the arrival of more features for Galaxy AI.

Among the available resources are the Health Assistant. The focus here is on physical exercise and well-being, not a medical evaluation. It works in Samsung’s health app and can provide more advanced tracking metrics. This tool even works in conjunction with the new Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch 7 Pro.

We also have a feature that changes the wallpaper according to the time and location; but the classic audio transcription tools, writing assistant and others are also here.

Two cool new features are the wizards for drawing and generating new images with different styles. In the drawing wizard, for example, You can make a very simple doodle and then the phone uses AI to generate a better drawing. I made a happy face and then a little house, which ended up looking really cool. The phone gives you a few options so you can choose what you like best.

Another cool improvement for the Z Fold 6 is the interpreter mode. Now you can fold your phone into an “L” shape, leave it on the table and use both the internal and external screens to talk to other people. This way, the person in front of you can see the translation more quickly, just like you.

Galaxy Z Flip 6: more modest, but better

There are other design changes that Samsung has made to these new handsets. One worth highlighting here is the arrival of IP48 certification on both the Z Fold 6 and the Z Flip 6. This means that in addition to being certified against water, they also have protection against dust. This is a cool development since we are talking about foldables.

Additionally, Samsung is also introducing a vapor chamber to the Z Flip 6 for the first time. This should allow the phone to dissipate the heat generated by the components even better. In practice, this addition should maintain high performance for longer, in addition to reducing excessive energy consumption. In the Z Fold 6, this heat dissipation system is 1.6x larger than in the Z Fold 5.


The Z Flip 6 didn’t have as impactful a design change as the Z Fold 6, but it also brings some differences. Also with straighter sides, the device is thinner when closed and also has improvements to the hinge. In the two new foldables, it is worth noting that the crease in the middle of the screen is less noticeable — and this is both when looking at it and when feeling it.

Samsung has also brought different colors to this new generation of the smaller foldable. It is available in gray, blue, mint and yellow, which for me was the coolest, but it also has the exclusive colors on the Samsung website black, white and peach.

Another cool change that Samsung brought to the Z Flip 5, but quite subtle, is in the bezel that surrounds the cameras. They now have the same colors as the phone itself, something that is quite small but gives more identity to the model.

Its two screens also remain the same size. In other words, here we are talking about an external screen with 3.4 inches (Super AMOLED, 720 x 748p, 60Hz) and the internal one, which is foldable, with 6.7 inches (Dynamic AMOLED 2x, 2640 x 1080p), LTPO (1-120Hz).

Still on the Z Flip 6’s external screen, Samsung now brings more customization options and also widgets. It also brings the new interpreter mode, but leaves the suggestion of images based on time and location as a highlight, in addition to grouping widgets on a single screen. You can also add health widgets, SmartThings and others.

A new feature of the smaller foldable is the ability to quickly reply to messages without having to open it to type. This feature is based on artificial intelligence and, of course, suggests slightly friendlier and even humanized phrases based on the context of a conversation.

Hardware do Galaxy S24

Samsung brings, in its two new foldable phones, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which is the same improved version we’ve already seen in the Galaxy S24. In addition, both phones have 12 GB of RAM and options with 256 GB and 512 GB of storage. Here, only the Z Fold 6 has a 1 TB version.

Both devices promise significant performance improvements over previous models. Among them is ray-tracing, which promises to make games look even better on mobile phones.

It’s worth noting that both come with Android 14 with the new One UI 6.1.1, and that they will also be updated to Android 21. That’s seven years of operating system updates, which are accompanied by security updates for the same period.

As for the battery, Samsung remains modest in relation to charging speed. Both the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 support 25-watt chargers, but they are also compatible with wireless chargers and can even share battery wirelessly.

But while the Z Fold 6 continues with 4,400 mAh of capacity, the Z Flip 6 has gained an extra boost. Instead of the 3,700 mAh of the Z Flip 5, the new model has 4,000 mAh.

Cameras of the new foldables

The Z Fold 6 cameras have not changed in specifications when we compare it with the Z Fold 5. It continues with a front camera, on the external screen, of 10 MP. The selfie camera located under the panel on the folding screen remains at 4 MP. The other cameras include a 12 MP wide-angle, a 50 MP main camera and a 10 MP telephoto lens with 3x zoom.

The Z Flip 6 has an upgrade. It has a 10 MP front camera when open, but it has a new 50 MP main sensor. It is accompanied by the wider-angle camera, which remains at 12 MP.

It’s worth noting that other good additions Samsung has made include AI-retouched portrait mode photos, night videos, and Super HDR supportwhich can be used natively by Instagram, for example.

One cool addition to the Z Flip 6 is the arrival of a new auto-zoom feature. It can automatically identify and track a person who is in the scene. This could be a cool feature to use with the phone folded in an “L” shape when you’re alone.

But you can also tap on specific points in the scene so that the phone’s camera can follow them. I found this zoom to be quite smooth, but it’s worth noting that the Z Flip 6 doesn’t have a telephoto sensor.

Prices in Brazil for Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphones

Samsung started pre-sales of smartphones in Brazil today (10) and will start making deliveries from July 22nd in the country. Prices for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 start at R$13,799, while the Z Flip 6 can be purchased for prices starting at R$7,999.

Check out all the models and prices available in Brazil below:

Galaxy Z Fold6 (Black, Gray or Blue):

Galaxy Z Flip6 (Black, Blue, Green, Gray):

So, which Samsung cell phone did you like the most? Keep an eye here at TecMundo to find out more details about the “Galaxy Galaxy Unpacked 2024” event. Take the opportunity to check out the new Galaxy Watch 7, Watch Ultra and the newest Buds. See you next time!

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