Capable of bringing together different ages and tastes, board and card games can be great options when it comes to ensuring fun with family and friends.

With unique styles, rules and strategies for each story, these games go beyond simple pastimes, challenging participants to stimulate their creativity and strategic thinking in problem solving.

And Amazon has a variety of offers on its website, with options like Jogo da Vida, Dobro, Detective, Perfil, Coup and others for your enjoyment costing less than R$ 99.90.

Below, check out some opportunities:

  • Detective Game with App, Star for R$88.87
  • Perfil Express Game: Films and Series for R$38.99
  • Good, Grok Games por R$49.90
  • Profile Game, Grow for R$83.50
  • Mico, Parents & Children Game for R$10.50
  • Can Can, Grow game for R$24.76
  • Game I Am…?, Star for R$52.89
  • Game of Life, Star for R$98.20
  • Image & Action Game 1, Grow for R$68.37
  • Game Image & Action 2, Grow for R$89.67
  • Game The Mind, Galapagos Games for R$65.13
  • Crazy Pizzeria, Grow game for R$60.99
  • Game Making Mimica, Multicolor Column for R$25.98
  • Game Combate, Estrela for R$55.99
  • Mentalist Game, Copag for R$44.09
  • Game Creating Stories, Grow for R$49.99
  • Guess Right, Grow game for R$59.58
  • Master, Grow game for R$90.00
  • Game Say 5, Star for R$69.49
  • Clube do Jogo with 6 games in 1, GGB Plast for R$31.90
  • Game Se Vira, Estrela for R$60.48
  • One Piece: Wanted game for R$71.01
  • LIG 4 game, Star for R$54.98
  • Monopoly game, Hasbro Gaming for R$99.90
  • UeStop! Game, Galapagos Games for R$61.99
  • Game Secret Identity, Grow for R$48.99
  • Right or Wrong Game, Star for R$73.20
  • Sherlock Detective Investigation Game, GGB Plast for R$24.00
  • Naval Battle, Grow game for R$93.02
  • Jogo Pictureka: Rivals Edition, Hasbro Gaming por R$82,45
  • Coup, Grok Games por R$85,90

Did you like the options? Check out these and other board and card games on offer on Amazon.


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