Special dates like Valentine’s Day are unique moments to show affection and appreciation for those we love. And one of the best ways to express these feelings is by choosing a good gift.

And if you’re looking for the ideal gift, we have good news to share! During this week Mercado Livre has a variety of offers on clothes, shoes, accessories and more for you to gift with style and savings of up to 74%.

It is worth remembering that Mercado Livre has official stores of several prestigious brands, such as Hering, Nike, Levi’s, ASICS, Insider and many othersensuring authentic and quality products.

And the advantages don’t stop there! In addition to discounts and product quality, you can also take advantage of action coupons of up to 10% off, just activate them during purchase.

So, don’t waste time and check out a selection of standout offers from Mercado Livre’s Valentine’s Day action:

  • Olympikus Fitness Leggings for R$ 67.99
  • Hering Comfort Textured Shirt – Men’s for R$ 99.99
  • Hering Puffer Comfort Jacket – Men’s for R$ 99.99
  • Under Armor T-shirt for R$ 98.79
  • Slim Twill Pants – Men’s for R$ 89.99
  • Fila KR6 Sneakers – Men for R$ 427.00
  • Men’s Olympikus Dynamic Training Shoes for R$ 221.99
  • Fila Running Progress Sneakers – Men for R$ 310.44
  • Olympikus 24/7 Lap Sneakers – Men for R$ 139.99
  • Fila Recovery Sneakers – Men for R$ 335.74
  • Olympikus Fitness Day Sneakers – Women for R$ 167.99
  • Olympikus Volcan Training Shoes – Men for R$ 178.60
  • Adidas Advantage Base Sneakers – Men for R$ 172.99
  • Fila Recovery Sneakers – Men for R$ 306.00
  • Olympikus Casual Jogging 100 sneakers for R$ 181.99
  • Voker Academia Thermal Shirt with sun protection for R$33.60
  • Puma Carina Street Sneakers – Women for R$ 418.99
  • Daze Modas Men’s Polo Shirts for R$ 37.71
  • Rovitex Knitted Knit Blouse for R$ 49.99
  • Basic Tech Insider T-Shirt for R$ 139.88
  • Camiseta Daily T-shirt Insider por R$ 102,65
  • Daily Insider T-Shirt – Women’s for R$ 106.65
  • Asics Gel Shogun 5 Sneakers – Women for R$ 368.50
  • Casio G-shock Watch – Men for R$ 317.42
  • Mizuno Space 3 sneakers for R$ 176.39
  • Mochila Hang Loose, 24L por R$ 119,90
  • Silver Vivara Life Cupido T-Clasp Heart and Arrow Bracelet for R$ 399.00
  • Street Ollie Sneakers – Men for R$ 122.99
  • Puma Original Smash V2 BDP Sneakers – Men for R$ 239.99
  • Women’s Fx-33 Low Lifestyle Sneakers for R$ 294.99
  • Casual Broken Rules Men’s Jacket for R$ 159.00
  • Fila Lugano 7.0 Sneakers – Women for R$ 378.31
  • Hering Textured Cropped – Women’s for R$ 86.99
  • Kit with 3 basic Hering t-shirts for R$ 84.99
  • Hering Flamê Basic T-Shirt – Men’s for R$ 27.99
  • Hering Sports Sports Top for R$ 59.99
  • Levi’s® Coit Boxy Cardigan for R$ 294.45
  • Levi’s Core sweatshirt for R$ 183.96
  • Levis® Relaxed Fit Tee – Men’s T-shirt for R$ 90.46
  • Levi’s Trucker Jeans Jacket for R$ 175.96

Give a gift with style this Valentine’s Day or any special date, taking advantage of coupons and discounts of up to 74% on products from the best brands!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/produto/284595-presenteie-estilo-confira-cupons-descontos-74-produtos-puma-insider-asics.htm

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