Not everything good has to be expensive, right? And that includes essential peripherals for any setupas headsets, mice e keyboard. While top-of-the-line models can be expensive, it is possible to find options to work, to study or even play casually, for less than R$ 100.

Another interesting point is that, among these cheap devicesthere are models for different types of use: from the simplest and lightest, for those who are always on the street, to the most elaborate and ergonomicfor those who spend hours on end in front of screens.

In addition to the mouse, keyboard and headset, we have also separated some models of notebook supportwhich makes using the device much more comfortable and professional in any environment. Check out the list below:

15 peripherals for less than R$100 to buy on Amazon

  • Multilaser MO251 Wireless Mouse for R$ 32.90
  • Logitech M280 Wireless Mouse for R$ 69.90
  • Mouse com fio Logitech M90 for R$ 28.90
  • Mouse com fio Dell MS116 for R$ 69.00
  • Logitech K120 USB Wired Keyboard for R$ 62.98
  • Multilaser Slim TC193 wired keyboard for R$ 27.90
  • Dell KB216 Multimedia Keyboard for R$ 89.00
  • Microsoft Wired Keyboard ANB00005 for R$89.90
  • Aluminum notebook stand, with adjustable height for R$ 23.59
  • Uptable OCTOO Notebook Stand for R$ 45.00
  • Headset Gamer AOC GH100 for R$ 99.99
  • Fortrek HSL-102 Multimedia Headset for R$ 36.00
  • Headset Bright 0010 for R$ 29.90
  • Headset C3TECH PH-340BK for R$ 95.00

Take advantage of low prices and build yours today setup without spending a lot!


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