Samsung and Google confirmed a new partnership involving artificial intelligence (AI) during the Galaxy Unpacked conference on Wednesday (10) involving the platform Gemini. The news was announced by Rick Osterloh, vice president of Platforms and Devices at Google.

Out of the box, the South Korean manufacturer’s new foldable phones, Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, will feature Google’s native AI application. This means that the duo will have full integration not only with Galaxy AI itself, but also with the platform Geminiexpanding the range of smart tools and features on devices.

What’s new with Gemini in Samsung products.Source: Google

Originally released as Bardthe AI ​​chatbot has been the official replacement for Google Assistant on Android mobile devices for a few months now.

Gemini in Samsung’s new foldables

To activate Gemini, just swipe the corner of the screen or say “No, Google”. Additionally, Gemini is integrated with a number of Google ecosystem applications, such as Google Maps and the Gmail.

According to the company, the app can be used for “get help with writing, learning or planning“, in addition to “provide real-time information” on the most different subjects.

YouTube and Gemini open simultaneously on the Galaxy Z Fold 6.YouTube and Gemini open simultaneously on the Galaxy Z Fold 6.Source: Google

If you want more information about a YouTube video you’re watching, for example, Gemini’s on-screen overlay in multi-window mode can instantly activate and answer your questions. The AI ​​can tell you what sport someone is playing in the clip or who the artist performing is, for example.

The app can even be used in conjunction with other Galaxy AI tools, such as the popular Circle to Search. This feature intelligently searches Google for elements indicated by the user on the screen using finger movement, objects framed by the camera or taps on points on the display.

In addition to the news for foldable phones, Google confirmed that Samsung’s new smartwatches will be the first with the Wear OS 5 operating system. The manufacturer also announced during Galaxy Unpacked the new models, which are the Galaxy Watch 7 and the Galaxy Watch Ultra.


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