Google may equip the Pixel 9 with an ultrasonic biometric reader under the screen, according to informants heard by the site Android Authority. O new sensor would solve the slowness in digital scanning common in Pixel line cell phones.

The sensor of the new Pixel 9 would be the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Gen 2 (QFS4008), the same component present in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The solution emits ultrasonic pulses against the finger, mapping the details into a digital representation, enabling identity authentication.

Since the Pixel 6, the Google adopts Goodix biometric readers. The component offers an under-screen biometric authentication solution, but with less agility than popular ultrasonic sensors on the market.

The Google Pixel 9 may have an ultrasonic biometric sensor under the screen.Fonte:  GettyImages

Broadly speaking, ultrasonic sensors are more efficient than optical sensors. In addition to being more agile, they tend to be more secure than the alternative solution, being more resistant against hacking attempts via spoofing.

What’s new in Pixel 9?

Rumors about the Pixel 9 don’t stop at the new biometric sensor: recently, the “Google AI” feature package was also revealed by Android Authority, showing how Google plans to compete against Galaxy AI and Apple Intelligence.

Details about the Google Pixel 9 are still scarce, but the device is getting closer and closer to launch. As usual, the model has already been bombarded with leaks, including a video that shows an alleged unit sold in pink.

In any case, the Google Pixel 9 launch event shouldn’t be long in coming. The company will unveil the new device at its next “Made by Google” event, scheduled for August 13 this year.


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