With features such as pressure sensitivity, line precision, portability and integration with different software, graphics tablets are great allies for those who work with photo editing, animation and graphic design.

And the Huion brand — specialized in manufacturing products such as graphics tablets and interactive monitors — has caught the public’s attention, with options focused on cost-benefit.

It also has accessories designed for creative professionals, such as digital pens, drawing gloves and adjustable stands for your monitors or graphics tablets.

If you are interested in the brand’s products, Huion has an official store on Shopee with more than 10.5 thousand followers and an overall rating of 4.9. And it currently has offers of up to 70% on its products.

Below, we have prepared a selection of standout offers from the official Huion store on Shopee. Check out:

  • HUION UC03 cable for HS611/Q620M/H1161 graphics tablet for R$77.90
  • GAOMON S620 Graphics Tablet, 6.5 x 4” for R$169.05
  • HUION Inspiroy HS64 Graphics Tablet, 6.3 × 4” for R$179.00
  • HUION UC02 cable for HS64/H430P graphics tablet for R$77.40
  • HUION Inspiroy H430P Graphics Tablet for R$158.00
  • HUION Stylus Digital Pen for R$99.00
  • HUION Slim PW550S pen for R$139.80
  • HUION Stylus PW100 pen for R$99.00
  • HUION Inspiroy 2 Graphics Tablet + pen for R$341.92
  • HUION OSU Graphics Tablet + pen for R$130.00
  • HUION OSU 420 Graphics Tablet + pen for R$134.00
  • Huion Screen Protector for R$109.00
  • Huion HS610 Graphics Tablet + pen + gloves + adapters for R$399.00
  • HUION drawing gloves for R$59.90
  • HUION PW500 pen for R$129.00
  • HUION Package with 10 PN04 Replacement Nozzles for PW100 for R$64.71
  • HUION ST300 Adjustable Folding Stand for R$198.00
  • HUION Inspiroy K20 Wireless Keyboard + Dial Controller for R$199.00
  • Huion Inspiroy H640P Graphics Tablet, 4 x 3” for R$139.00
  • HUION Inspiroy H640P Graphics Tablet, 6 x 4” for R$181.00

Did you like the offers? Check out these and others at official brand store on Shopee!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/produto/286069-mesa-digitalizadora-caneta-touch-outros-itens-huion-70-desconto-veja-sugestoes.htm

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