Practicing physical exercise and the search for a healthy life has been increasingly seen in the routine of Brazilians, whether in gyms, training at home or street racing.

But to practice physical activities, It is important to invest in appropriate clothing, footwear and equipment to ensure not only good performance in training, but also comfort and protection.

And for those who are looking for sports clothing, or perhaps equipment and supplements for physical activities, Shopee has discounts of up to 75% in the category.

Curious about the offers? Check out our suggestions below:

  • Gym Set with Cropped Fitness and Lovito Shorts – Women’s for R$58.97
  • Lovito Sports Jacket LNL50249 – Women’s for R$79.67
  • Kit with 2 Dry Fit T-Shirts – Men for R$29.90
  • Thermal Shirt UV Protection 50+ – Men for R$29.90
  • Lovito Seamless Sports Top L34AD001 – Women for R$30.00
  • Lovito Training Shaping Legging L34AD024 – Women for R$38.90
  • Lovito Seamless Cycling Set – Women for R$94.50
  • Kit with 3 Sweatpants – Men for R$89.90
  • Kit with 11 elastic extenders + 5 mini bands for training for R$34.87
  • Finger Hand Grip Kit + Adjustable Wrist Flexor for R$22.49
  • Kit BlackSkull com 1 Whey Turbo 900g + 1 Creatina Turbo 300g por R$77,90
  • BlackSkull Kit with Creatine Turbo 300g + Bope Pre-Workout 300g for R$84.90
  • Cropped for training with open back Lovito L34AD012 – Women for R$28.26
  • Lovito LNL58110 basic sports set – Women’s for R$34.81
  • Lovito Sports T-Shirts LNA13051 – Women’s for R$24.18
  • Lovito Polyester sports short LNL55210 – Women’s for R$21.36
  • Lovito LNL50183 Zipper Sports Jacket – Women for R$41.59
  • Lovito long sleeve sports t-shirt LNL62233 – Women for R$43.90
  • Lovito LNL54101 lace-up sports shorts – Women’s for R$10.73
  • Lovito LNL60016 patchwork sports t-shirt – Women for R$18.87
  • Men’s 2 in 1 Shorts for Running – Men for R$38.90
  • Gym Training Tank Top – Women for R$19.99
  • Kit with 3 Suplex Power gym tops – Women for R$49.99
  • Kit with 2 Fitness Dry Fit Tank Tops – Women for R$29.99
  • Kit with 5 Dry Fit T-Shirts – Men for R$69.90
  • Fitness Suplex Power Lipo Legging Pants – Women for R$22.99
  • Hering Sports Sports Legging Pants – Women for R$99.99
  • Kit with 2 Basic Hering sweatshirt shorts – Men for R$129.99
  • Kit with 5 Elastic Bands for Multifunctional Exercises for R$9.99
  • Kangaroo sweatshirt without hood – Unisex for R$35.99
  • Kong Men’s Shorts for Training – Men for R$39.90
  • Kit with 10 Dry Fit T-Shirts – Men for R$110.90
  • Kangaroo Sweatshirt + Jogger Pants + watch set for R$84.99
  • Max Titanium cocktail shakers for R$19.75

Are you interested in the offers? See these and other opportunities at site da Shopee!


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