Smartwatches are no longer accessories previously seen as superficial and have become essential for lots of people who prioritize physical and mental health and who value the importance of preventive care. Proof of this is that this market expected to reach revenues of up to US$96.3 billion by 2027being estimates from Allied Market Research.

The growth of the smartwatch market is in line with the increase in resources brought by these accessories and the improvement of functions, design and technologies. The constant development of more accurate health sensors and algorithms bring even better health data and reports.

In addition to functions such as email reading and notification support, they also bring Various health reports and other important information. Some users even share their consultation results and/or look for a doctor after receiving alerts from the watch.

Health impact

HUAWEI WATCH FIT 3 is one of the devices with several features to monitor your health and physical activity practices. (Source: Huawei/Disclosure)

Speaking specifically about health, smartwatches have started to act as importants allys on several fronts. Among the main ones are:

  • Continuous health monitoring: real-time monitoring of heart rate, sleep quality, oblood oxygenation and more;
  • Detection of health problems: early identification of cardiac arrhythmias, falls and other health anomalies;
  • Chronic disease management: continuous monitoring of conditions such as diabetess and hypertension, in addition to medication reminders;
  • Encouraging physical activity: activity goals, step counting and exercise monitoring to combat sedentary lifestyle;
  • Connectivity with healthcare professionals: sharing data with doctors for remote monitoring and data-driven decisions;
  • Integration with digital health technologies: Connection to electronic health records and mobile apps for a patient overview.

Huawei technology for the user

The technology giant, Huawei, is recognized for offering smartwatches that excel at health monitoring. One of these examples is the HUAWEI WATCHFIT 3which arrived on the market bringing technologies TruSee 5.5, TruSleep 4.0, TruSport e Stay Fit.

Other highlights of the device are: support for hundreds of dials; Always On Display mode, which requires some information with the screen partially off; and a 10-day battery life, even with all monitoring sensors activated.

  • Huawai encourages users who have already used one of its health-promoting devices a share their experiences on your Instagram profile: @huaweimobilebr

Learn a little more about each of the technologies below.

TruSleep 4.0

TruSleep 4.0 is the new version of TruSleep technology, a algorithm made to analyze sleep. It brings sleep metrics and reports — which are available no aplicativo HUAWEI Health — by day, week, month and year, allowing the user to carry out different assessments.

The technology is capable of to monitor and the sleep time and phasesand evaluate oa user’s night’s sleep with a score from 0 to 100, based on qualitative analysis of the data absorbed.

TruSee 5.5

TruSeen 5.5 helps as a complement, observing data such as heart ratea blood oxygenation and even the stress level.

For women, it also intelligently manages the menstrual cycle, that is, it is possible to enter menstrual cycle data, as well as perceived symptoms, so that the algorithm can also crossar this data with others.


Another resource that helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle is StayFit. Through the application, it is possible record meals eaten along the day directly through the watch. To use it, you need to record your weight and height data and then include each drink or food you consume.

That way, he is able to calculate the difference calorica, that is, the difference between the amount of calories consumed and what was spent based on the activities carried out each day.


Finally, TruSport — as the name suggests — is focused on sports practices. It has 100 exercise modeshelping to measure your performance in each activity.

During exercises, the function observes the progress of the activity and even rKnow the sport by its rhythm. This applies to swimming, running or football, for example, and each of them has a income report to measure effort throughout the activity.

For more details about TruSleep 4.0, TruSeen 5.5 and Watch FIT 3visit the Huawei website or app today!


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