The culture and entertainment sector experienced, in 2023, the complete resumption of its activities, and the result is clear in the reports presented by IBGE and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The data shows the size of the impact that this sector represents for the country’s economy.

In the first half of the year alone, the segment showed growth of 42.3% compared to the previous year, generating a wage bill of R$71.8 billion and annual revenue of approximately R$291.1 billion, which represents 3 .8% of Brazilian GDP.

For 2024, our expectation is that the Brazilian market will continue to have good demand, consolidating the country as an important market for national and international shows.

I suppose the 3 main trends for next year will be security, the fight against currency exchange and the return – with everything – of national shows.

1 – Prioritizing the safety and well-being of fans

The safety and well-being of the public has always been at the center of discussions for the sector, but specifically 2023 was a year of a lot of learning, which showed the need to think about quick measures to provide a good experience in general, combining well-being and safety. After all, we now need to adapt, especially with regard to aspects related to the greater influence of extreme weather events like those we have experienced in Brazil and around the world in recent months, be it extreme heat, cold and rain.

Producers and ticket sales companies need to guard against this and have increasingly prepared themselves so as not to suffer from a lack of general infrastructure for event consumers.

2 – Fight against currency exchange

With the great shows that took place this year, cases of scams were increasingly recurrent, affecting the emotions of fans of various artists. For next year this is another point of great attention. At Eventim, and also at ABREVIN (Brazilian Association of Ticket Sales Companies), the fight against the practice of scalping continues, but this problem also demands continuous action from various public bodies. Public awareness campaigns are also essential regarding the importance of purchasing tickets on official websites and ticket offices, presenting the risks of purchasing tickets through unofficial sales channels.

3 – Return of national shows

Even with the arrival of several international artists in 2023, such as the Mexican band RBD, Evanescence, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul McCartney and other great artists, we are beginning to see a call for the resumption of national tours. This is the case with the Titãs tour, Marisa Monte, the Forfun band shows, the NX Zero tour, for example. National music is regaining public taste and there is a strong growth trend, without forgetting the exhibitions and theatrical performances that are also gradually winning over consumers.

The expectation for 2024 is that it will continue at the same pace as 2023, with Brazil remaining an important player on the map of major shows and world tours.

*Jorge Reis is CEO of Eventim. The executive founded, a company that has more than 20 years of experience in ticket sales in Brazil, and migrated to the executive branch. He was director of IMM, a reference company in live entertainment, with events such as Cirque du Soleil, SPFW, Rio Open and others. For less than two years, he has been CEO of Eventim, a company responsible for selling tickets for events such as RBD, Coldplay, among others.


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