The group wants to relaunch the Whalefin trading platform via a new application and under a new name.

Sony is reportedly considering launching its own cryptocurrency exchange to diversify its business and offer its digital asset trading services. The company will start by relaunching Whalefin, a crypto exchange that the group acquired from Amber Japan in August 2023 for an undisclosed amount.

Whalefin is quite well-known among football fans. The brand’s logo was notably present on Atletico Madrid’s jerseys during the 2022-2023 season. However, the Spanish football club had sued Whalefin in 2023 to claim $44 million in sponsorship fees and $22 million in compensation, while the platform was in financial difficulty.

Structuring Sony’s Crypto Investments

With Whalefin, Sony wants to accelerate its offensive on the crypto market. The group aims to relaunch the exchange platform via a new application and under a new name: Sblox. Like the other platforms, it will offer its customers trading and the possibility of storing their cryptocurrencies.

This initiative aims to further structure Sony’s investments in the crypto sector. The group has already been investing for several years in start-ups that are developing new developments in blockchain technology and has even filed some patents for interoperable NFTs across multiple types of games and consoles.

Sblox will play a central role in guiding Sony around Web3 and the gaming world initially. Last year, Sony Network Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony, invested $3.5 million in Singapore-based Web3 tech giant Startale Labs.

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