Intel presented today (4), during Computex 2024, the line of Xeon 6 processors. Composed of the 6700 and 6900 series, with E-Core or P-Core, the line of chips “represents the latest cutting-edge technology, designed to improve efficiency and performance,” according to the company.

Compared to the last generation, Intel Xeon 6 processors are about 2.6x to 2.7x more efficient. Furthermore, the line promises to be 2x more efficient when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI).

Intel announced the new line of Xeon 6 processors.

Another point that Intel highlights is that new processors consume less energy per watt, there are around 80k MWh over four years, in addition to the reduction in CO2 emissions. This happens even in work that requires work of greater density and scale, such as content delivery networks.

The Xeon 6 family is made up of two lines, they are:

  • 6700 Series: TDP of up to 350W per CPU, up to 144 efficiency and 86 performance cores; 8 memory channels;
  • 6900 Series: TDP of up to 500W per CPU, up to 288 efficiency and 128 performance cores; 12 memory channels;

The processors are divided into E-Core and P-Core, the first with up to 144 cores per socket and 4x greater performance compared to the second generation. Additionally, it supports sensitive computing resources for 5G networks.

Ryan Tabrah, vice president of Xeon E-Core highlights that the chipsets “are essentially very similar”, despite meeting different demands.

The P-Core version has up to 2x better performance in AI inferences, compared to the previous generation, an average performance in general computing that is also 2x higher and up to 2.3x more HPC performance.

TDP up to 350W per CPU


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