A Apple confirmed that it will provide updates for the devices iPhone 15 for at least five years. This is less time than Samsung promised for Galaxy S24 cell phones, which will have seven years of Android and security updates.

Apple’s information is official data taken from a document in which the company adapts to a new regulation that came into force last month in the United Kingdom.

In theory, the minimum five-year support period would encompass major operating system updates as well as security updates. This means there is no guarantee that the iPhone 15 will be updated from 2029 onwards.

Apple guarantees at least five years of iOS updates for the iPhone, according to an official document. (Image: Sammobile/Reproduction)Source: Sammobile/Reproduction

Of course we are talking about “minimal support”. Apple may very well continue updating its cell phones after this time. The iPhone 7, for example, was launched in 2016 and continues to receive security updates today.

Many iPhone users were even attracted to this extended support policy.

Guarantee is always guarantee

Even though Apple continues to provide support for the iPhone 15 after five years, the guarantee of a minimum period of updates is always welcome. Many current cell phones have hardware with enough performance to work well for several years.

Therefore, most customers would not like to see their device becoming obsolete due to a lack of software support. Not to mention that this also impacts the resale price of the devices.

Another point is that the minimum support period can be used to justify replacing technologies. These days, many of the new chipsets are bringing an NPU to process AI tasks locally.

Five years from now, it is possible that a company will consider not updating a device that does not have this capability.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/produto/284709-iphone-15-ter-tempo-suporte-garantido-linha-galaxy-s24.htm

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