Success among all ages, LEGO buildable toys win over the public due to the variety of the catalogwith toys for children to develop skills, special editions for collectors and also editions of films, games and series for geeks.

The brand has partnerships with major brands, which is why it is authorized to develop LEGOs of Disney princesses, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Super Mario, Marvel, DC and other successes.

For geek fans of games and series, today Amazon has several special editions of films and series on sale, with up to 30% discount. See our suggestions below:

LEGOs starting at R$ 90

  • LEGO Super Heroes Marvel – Motorcycle Chase: Spider-Man vs. Doc, 77 pieces for R$89.99
  • LEGO Super Heroes DC – Batmobile Batman vs J Pursuit, 438 pieces for R$349.90
  • LEGO Super Heroes – Black Widow and Captain America Motorcycles, 130 pieces for R$129.99
  • LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog – Escape from Shadow, 196 pieces for R$189.90
  • LEGO Super Heroes Marvel – Rocket and Baby Groot, 566 pieces for R$327.90
  • LEGO Super Heroes DC – Batmobile Pursuit: Batman vs Joker, 54 pieces for R$179.99
  • LEGO Star Wars – The Mandalorian N1 Starfighter Microfighter, 88 peças por R$106,30
  • LEGO Disney and Pixar – Up House – High Adventures, 598 Pieces for R$459.90
  • LEGO Disney – Moana’s Discovery Catamaran, 321 Pieces for R$231.00
  • LEGO Star Wars – Stormtrooper Mech, 138 pieces for R$109.90
  • LEGO Harry Potter – Hedwigs on Rua dos Privet Drive, nº 4, 337 pieces for R$149.90
  • LEGO Jurassic World – Baby Dinosaur Rescue Center, 139 pieces for R$278.90
  • LEGO Harry Potter – Expecto Patronum, 754 pieces for R$449.90
  • LEGO Set Harry Potter – Dobby the House Elf, 403 pieces
  • LEGO Minecraft – The End Arena, 252 Pieces for R$149.90
  • LEGO Avatar – Payakan o Tulkun and Crabsuit, 761 Pieces for R$599.90
  • LEGO Disney – The Adventure of Jasmine and Mulan, 176 pieces for R$239.90

Take advantage of the reduced prices now, as the promotional action is for a limited time! To visit the LEGO page on Amazon, click here.


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