LinkedIn announced this Thursday (13) a series of new features with artificial intelligence (AI). They are exclusive to the platform’s Premium subscribers and most of them have already started to be implemented, at least in the United States.

The functions add layers of complexity to existing elements of LinkedIn, such as searching for jobs and seeking career advice. For now, most additions only work in Englishbut other languages ​​should be added over time.

According to the platform’s product manager, Tomer Cohen, the package of new features meets public demand, as many users search on the social network for vacancies, courses or AI specialists.

“Whether or not you are considering a career change, your work will probably change”, explains the executive. In total, the platform already offers more than 800 courses focused on the subject.

What’s new on LinkedIn with AI

The largest concentration of additions on LinkedIn is in the field of searching for job openings and preparing for applications.

From now on, Premium users can do more specific job searches from questions to a chatbot, request a resume review to AI and use an assistant for build your cover letter. This add-on has been in the testing phase for some time.

Some of the new AI features built into the search for jobs or professionals.Source: LinkedIn

Additionally, the platform now offers personalized advice on the business world. Chatbots are based on important figures in the market, trained by experts and with insights from leaders, executives and references from various sectors.

AI now was also incorporated into LinkedIn courses. While you are watching a class, you can request summaries or ask questions without having to leave the video screen.

The chatbot answers questions about classes while playing videos.The chatbot answers questions about classes while playing videos.Source: LinkedIn

Finally, LinkedIn also announced the expansion of new features with AI that were already in the initial implementation phase. This is the case with the improved recruitment tool (Recruiter 2024) and the optimizer that works for creating ads.

A generative AI tool for general research has yet to be implemented, but the company did not disclose many details of the service and promised news in the coming weeks.


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