Meta’s virtual reality (VR) division may soon announce a new headset called Meta Quest 3S. The company itself made the revelation ahead of time, through a slip on the official website.

The new member of the headset line appeared as one of the devices compatible with some applications, games and experiences from Meta’s internal store. It sits alongside models already on the market, such as Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro.

The as-yet-unannounced model (highlighted in red) already appears as compatible on the platform.Source: TechRadar

According to the website UploadVR, the device was listed in apps as Alo Moves VR. However, it still does not have a built-in link that takes the user to the page for the model in question, unlike other headsets.

If you access the game page now, however, you will see that the device’s name has been removed from the list — which only reinforces that this was a likely error in the site’s configuration and that it anticipated an announcement. Until now, Meta did not comment on the case or schedule any type of event for the launch.

New affordable headset from Meta?

The company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has previously signaled that it would invest in cheaper headsets as a future market strategy. One of the objectives is to stop Apple’s possible dominance in the sector with the Apple Vision Pro — something that has not happened in the first months of Apple’s glasses.

As the name suggests, Meta Quest 3S should be a version based on Meta Quest 3, which was announced in June and released in October last year. The model makes use of the platform Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, it has 4K+ resolution screens and up to 512 GB of internal storage.

For the new device, the expectation is that the Qualcomm chip will be maintained. However, the headset should feature more modest technical specifications, such as older lens technologies and fewer memory options. The idea is to make VR technology more accessible without taking away its main attractions.

The Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset.The Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset.Source: Meta

The price should also be lower than the US$499.99 (approximately R$2,600 in direct currency conversion) of the Meta Quest 3 and the US$999.99 (approximately R$5,200) of the Meta Quest Pro, which is the elite version of the family.


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