Immersive headsets Meta Quest have gained a new content viewing feature. From now on, It is possible to open up to six windows at the same time while you use virtual reality (VR) equipment.

The news was announced by Meta’s co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. In a post on the social network Threads, also part of the company, the businessman posted a demonstration of the visualization.

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Zuckerberg’s test shows that the headset’s interface still has limitations, especially in the frame rate per second in multi-screen mode.

Still, this is a notable improvement over the headset’s previous operation, which until then only allowed the use of three windows at once. The addition is part of the build 67.0 do Meta Questwhich began to be released this week for compatible devices.

Another related novelty is the positioning of these screens. Three of the windows, such as games, browser screens or open apps, can be moved to any corner of the display. Previously, it was not possible to freely reposition contentwhich were simply placed side by side horizontally.

New feature is Apple’s “fault”

The addition of multi-screen mode and window repositioning are Meta’s direct responses to the company’s current main headset competitor.

The Apple Vision Pro has allowed free movement of open content since its launch. Apple’s device, however, costs more than three times as much as its competitor (US$ 3,400 compared to US$ 999 for the Meta Quest model). In addition, its sales are limited to the United States — which is one of the main markets for the Meta Quest itself.

The new layout allows you to highlight one screen from the others. (Image: Meta/Disclosure)Source: Meta

Other additions in Meta Quest include a custom display mode that “highlights” one screen and isolates the others in the background, with less intense lighting.

The Meta Quest build update is valid for the Meta Quest Pro, Quest 2 and Quest 3 headsets. The news can be checked at this link (in English).


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