MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael Saylor, recently offered interesting perspectives on the potential of Bitcoin (BTC), describing it as a path to “economic immortality.”

Bitcoin to eliminate challenges of corporate mortality

Speaking in a podcast with Bitcoin enthusiast Robin Seyr, Saylor shared his thoughts on how the world’s largest digital asset could transform the global economy.

Michael Saylor noted that the average lifespan of a company is about 10 years, as most companies do not survive the death of their founder. To overcome corporate mortality, he believes society must evolve.

“If you create a company that lasts more than 10 years, that’s significant. How many companies have existed for more than 100 years? We’re talking about making companies live forever,” Saylor stated.

According to Saylor’s explanation, Bitcoin has the power to profoundly change the world. He drew parallels with scientific progress, noting that the infusion of science has a huge impact in transformation. He said that just as science was able to drastically reduce rates of infant and maternal mortality, science colliding with economics is a big deal.

“I can create an AI that lives in cyberspace. I can move Bitcoin through space. Capital has never been programmable, but with science, Bitcoin allows us to channel capital across time and space. This means we can ultimately enable global payments for 8 billion people at the speed of light, directly from a mobile phone, without intermediaries,” he said.

The global impact of BTC

Saylor emphasized that Bitcoin represents pure digital capital. It is a revolutionary technology capable of capitalizing individuals, families, companies, institutions and even countries.

“Perfect money is economic immortality; imperfect money is not,” he declared.

The MicroStrategy chairman also highlighted the impact of Bitcoin adoption in China, saying,

“When the Bank of Shanghai rolls out a Bitcoin ETF that provides custodial services, it will provide access to 1.5 billion people in China.” While it remains uncertain that China will make this pivot, Hong Kong has already launched a spot Bitcoin ETF.

According to Saylor, the growing adoption of Bitcoin in China will fuel the price of BTC.

“People will get rich, and it will be difficult to undermine a sovereign nation with ideologies that keep people poor,” he said.

Some analysts see Saylor’s recent take on Bitcoin as more than just financial gains, given his aggressive accumulation strategy of the coin. They say Saylor portrays Bitcoin as a foundational element for a new era of economic stability and growth.

Source: https://cryptobenelux.com/2024/06/23/michael-saylor-noemt-bitcoin-economische-onsterfelijkheid/

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