Essential for anyone using a desktop computer, the keyboard and mouse are also useful for notebooks with small keys and for those who prefer a mouse instead of a touchpad.

Both peripherals have a good variety of models on the market, with more robust and simpler optionsfor casual users looking for a complement to work or studies.

If you fall into the second category, take advantage of our selection of keyboard and mouse kits at very affordable prices on Shopee. Look:

Cheap Keyboard and Mouse combos

  • Wired Keyboard and Mouse, Multilaser for R$47.99
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Logitech Mk235 for R$135.90
  • Semi Mechanical Keyboard + Gamer Mouse 3200dpi RGB, Alfa M300 for R$45.88
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Brazilpc Bpc-5269/3w289 for R$53.11
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with USB Adapter, 2.4ghz Wireless for R$59.90
  • Intelbras CSI50 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for R$120.00
  • Basic Office USB Wired Keyboard and Mouse for R$29.90
  • Lenovo USB Wired Optical Keyboard and Mouse for R$41.50
  • Inova 2.4g Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for R$76.90

Combos with promotional values ​​may have a price change at any time. Click on the links above and see more details on each model.


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