Being an ocean of knowledge, learning and adventures, Books have been increasingly valued as they offer pages full of stories, reflections and creativity.

However, for those who dream of having a large collection of books, with the most diverse titles, designs and captivating stories, one of the biggest obstacles is the more expensive prices.

Knowing this, we have prepared a curation of more than 50 books that are on offer on Amazon, for you to enjoy and guarantee new literary adventures. During the selection, you will find romance, horror, classic books and even options for little ones, with prices starting at R$1.20. Check out:

Classic Books on Offer

  • Othello, William Shakespeare for R$13.93
  • Hamlet, William Shakespeare por R$10,00
  • The Little Prince – Luxury Padded Edition for R$19.90
  • The Prince, Machiavelli – Luxury Edition for R$19.90
  • Macbeth, William Shakespeare por R$13,93
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare for R$13.93
  • The Diary of Anne Frank – Luxury Padded Edition for R$19.90
  • Animal Farm, George Orwell for R$14.09
  • Poor people, Fyodor Dostoevsky for R$17.43
  • The death of Ivan Ilyich, Leo Tolstoy for R$13.83
  • White Nights, Fyodor Dostoevsky for R$13.93
  • The metamorphosis, Franz Kafka for R$10.43
  • Posthumous memories of Brás Cubas, Machado de Assis for R$13.93
  • Iracema, José de Alencar for R$13.33
  • The Kybalion: Special Cover + bookmark for R$16.11
  • How the Poor Die and Other Stories, George Orwell – Deluxe Edition for R$16.90
  • The Alienist, Machado de Assis for R$18.61
  • Dom Casmurro, Machado de Assis for R$17.31
  • Helena, Machado de Assis for R$17.43
  • The art of being right: 38 stratagems, Arthur Schopenhauer for R$11.18
  • The hand and glove, Machado de Assis for R$19.90
  • Casa Velha, Machado de Assis for R$18.30
  • Esau and Jacob, Machado de Assis for R$17.43
  • Five Minutes, José de Alencar for R$18.25
  • Night at the tavern, Álvares de Azevedo by R$13,93
  • The tenement, Aluísio Azevedo for R$13.93
  • Knowledge Collection: 100 minutes to understand Nietzsche for R$16.92
  • Knowledge Collection: 100 minutes to understand Aristotle for R$14.95
  • Knowledge Collection: 100 minutes to understand Plato for R$20.98

Romance Books on Offer

  • Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen for R$12.00
  • Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen for R$12.00
  • Emma, Jane Austen por R$9,98
  • Sanditon, Jane Austen por R$14,90
  • The Bridgertons, a family love: Official guide to Lady Whistledown for R$12.90
  • The Girl Who Didn’t Want to Remember, Maggie Lehrman for R$15.84
  • PS I love you, Cecelia Ahern for R$21.45
  • For after I leave, Heather Mc Manamy and William Croyle for R$10.00

Horror and Suspense Books on Offer

  • Dracula: Special cover + marker for R$13.93
  • The girl from the lake, Charlie Donlea for R$9.06
  • Frankenstein, Mary Shelley por R$11,32
  • The House of Fear, Edgar Wellace for R$16.00
  • Horror show, various authors for R$17.82
  • Then, Stephen King for R$26.00
  • The Phantom of the Opera + marker, Gaston Leroux for R$21.50
  • Thieves’ Paradise and other cases by Father Brown for R$11.40
  • The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Tales, Edgar Allan Poe for R$14.90
  • The Black Doctor and other tales, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for R$11.40
  • Two dead people and death and other stories, Both Tupiassu for R$27.99
  • The Call of Cthulhu and other tales, HP Lovecraft for R$13.93
  • Dreams in the Witch’s House and Other Tales, HP Lovecraft for R$19.92

Children’s Books on Offer

  • Space, Lígia Knobl for R$10.00
  • Where’s Bluey?: A Hide and Seek Book for R$16.98
  • Paw Patrol Coloring Board with 1500 Stickers for R$14.95
  • Look Who I Am! Kitten for R$2.85
  • Look Who I Am! Chicken for R$2.85
  • Look Who I Am! Lion for R$2.85
  • Turma da Mônica: Atlas, getting to know the world for R$10.43
  • Caco Macaco, Ciranda Cultural for R$4.90
  • Pre-Writing – Learn at Home Collection for R$ R$1.20
  • The Luna Show – Discovering dinosaurs for R$4.20
  • The request of the Fairy Godmother, Janaina Tokitaka for R$8.20
  • 30 Stories to Dream About for R$8.00
  • A letter to the pirate, Mari Bigio for R$8.40
  • How I feel…When I’m jealous for R$9.90
  • Beautiful bee for R$4.90
  • Paw Patrol Kit, with 8 mini books for R$8.97
  • 365 Jokes, Curiosities and Riddles for R$9.90
  • Origami for children for R$10.43
  • 180 stories to entertain you for R$8.97
  • How I feel…When I miss you for R$7.23
  • Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll for R$13.93
  • My First Disney Stories – The Lion King for R$6.00
  • Learn with Fun on the Farm Collection for R$13.27
  • How good it is to have friends, Fisher-Price for R$13.93

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