Who never wanted to have a shelf full of items reminiscent of their favorite characters, right? Be it that movie hero, the most feared villain in the series or that secondary character in animation that captivated you. And that’s where Funkos Pop! enter the scene.

With adorable, stylized designs, these collectibles are a global hit, offering a great diversity of characters from various pop culture franchises.

For those of you who want to have a Funko Pop! of your favorite character, We have prepared a selection with options that are selling for less than R$85 on Amazon. See below:

Bringing irresistible offers to collectors, Amazon has a variety of Funkos Pop! on offer, with discounts of up to 69% on options from Marvel, Star Wars, Fortnite and more to enjoy. Check out:

  • Funko Pop! Earth Giant, Frozen 2 por R$69,90
  • Funko Pop! America Chavez, Doctor Strange for R$82.00
  • Funko Pop! Ned, Spider-Man por R$69,93
  • Funko Pop! Music: Roger Taylor, Duran por R$79,90
  • Funko Pop! Kakashi Lightning Blade, Naruto por R$78,99
  • Funko Pop! Steve Trevor, WW84 por R$74,59
  • Funko Pop! Shang-Chi por R$59,99
  • Funko Pop! Green Lantern, Imperial Palace for R$69.90
  • Funko Pop! Beth Harmon, Queen’s Gambit por R$74,99
  • Funko Pop! Sanhok Survivor, PUBG por R$59,90
  • Funko Pop! Raya, Raya and the Last Dragon por R$69,80
  • Funko Pop! Makomo, Demon Slayer por R$78,62
  • Funko Pop! Q9-Zero, Mandalorian por R$69,90
  • Funko Pop! Gingerbread Captain, Marvel Holiday por R$64,40
  • Funko Pop! Lieutenant Connix, Star Wars por R$69,90
  • Funko Pop! Baron, Falcon and Winter Soldier por R$84,90
  • Funko Pop! Jack Ripper, Black Clover por R$79,36
  • Funko Pop! Sprite, Eternals por R$79,00
  • Funko Pop! H.E.R.B.I.E por R$58,26
  • Funko Pop! Majordomo, Star Wars por R$64,01
  • Funko Pop! Wenwu, Shang-Chi for R$61,04
  • Funko Pop! Combat Carl Jr, Toy Story 4 por R$79,85
  • Funko Pop! Katy, Shangri-La by R$79,90
  • Funko Pop! Kristoff, Frozen 2 por R$69,90
  • Funko Pop! Vivian Campbell, Def Leppard por R$69,40
  • Funko Pop! Giddy Up, Fortnite por R$79,90
  • Funko Pop! Orochimaru as Akatsuki, Naruto for R$74,00
  • Funko Pop! Cole, Mortal Kombat por R$69,80
  • Funko Pop! The Professor, La Casa de Papel for R$79.90

Going beyond offers, Amazon also has Funkos Pop! of past editions that are coming out at good prices, being the right opportunity to find your favorite characters at lower prices than the launch prices. See some suggestions:

  • Funko Pop! Khan, Star Trek por R$60,12
  • Funko Pop! Spider-Man, Winter Convention por R$81,17
  • Funko Pop! Doctor Strange Mech Strike for R$75.23
  • Funko Pop! Black Canary, Birds of Prey for R$75.80
  • Funko Pop! Cara, Duna powder R$72.83
  • Funko Pop! Tri-Klops, Master Of The Universe por R$69,90
  • Funko Pop! UFC: Daniel Cormier por R$69,90
  • Funko Pop! Roken, Star Wars por R$73,90
  • Funko Pop! Huntress, Birds of Prey for R$69.90
  • Funko Pop! Spider-Armour MKIII por R$69,90
  • Funko Pop! Sharon Carter, Marvel por R$85,22
  • Funko Pop! Maria Rambeu, Captain Marvel for R$70.94
  • Funko Pop! Dane Whitman, Eternals por R$70,00
  • Funko Pop! Shang-Chi por R$83,72
  • Funko Pop! Nick Rhodes, Duran por R$69,80
  • Funko Pop! Beachhead, G.I. Joe por R$79,90
  • Funko Pop! Huntress, DC Super Heroes por R$69,90
  • Funko Pop! Beth Harmon, Queen’s Gambit por R$75,00
  • Funko Pop! Master Mordo, Doctor Strange for R$68.78
  • Funko Pop! Ai-G with Pete, Space Jam por R$69,00
  • Funko Pop! Phil Collen, Def Leppard por R$59,90
  • Funko Pop! Kale, Dragon Ball Super por R$84,40
  • Funko Pop! Moscow, La Casa de Papel for R$69.90
  • Funko Pop! Fighters, Deadpool for R$75.24
  • Funko Pop! Ozuna powder R$46.05
  • Funko Pop! Harold, Scary Stories por R$69,90

So, did you like the options? Check out these and other opportunities at site da Amazon!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/produto/284885-novos-funkos-pop-oferta-homem-aranha-kakashi-r-85.htm

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