Apple is secretly working on a new device for home use. The device is expected to be a sort of evolution of the HomePod speaker, but with a built-in screen for browsing and playing video content.

The website discovered the news MacRumorswho found references to the device in the company’s internal service codes. The device is called “HomeAccessory17,1”a name that has never been used on previous devices and suggests a variant of the HomePods — in the brand’s infrastructure, they are called “AudioAccessory”.

Rumors of the company launching a smart display have been around for a while, but so far it has not officially revealed any clues about it. The first HomePod was launched in 2017 by the company, followed by a mini version that was a sales success and a second generation of the main speaker in 2023.

If the device is confirmed, it should become a direct rival to the Echo Showfrom Amazon, which are currently in their third generation.

What do we already know about the HomePod with screen?

The code further indicates that the device will run from the A18 chipwith Apple’s own design. This component has not yet been officially presented and should be the processor for the iPhone 16 line, with Apple likely to reveal it in 2024.

The presence of this modern chip also means that it will likely support the Apple Intelligence platform, which is the company’s suite of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Finally, the discovery also brings the information that the device’s operating system will be a variant of tvOSused on Apple TV and also on HomePod itself.

The HomePod mini. (Image: Apple/Disclosure)Source: Apple

Finally, the same code analyzed by the website brings references to two devices “AppleTV14,4” and “AppleTV14,5” — which also do not exist in the company’s current catalog. Therefore, they should also be presented throughout this year.

The presence of the device in Apple’s code suggests that the incorporation of its software is already underway internally and a reveal is imminent. The expectation is that the HomePod with a screen, which has yet to be named, will be presented at the company’s traditional event in September.


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