Digitalization is redefining consumption patterns, presenting major challenges for traditional retail. In this context, Sofá na Caixa appears as an alternative, with the motto “The future is now, and it is in a box”. The brand adopts a customer-centric approach and a strong online presence.

With the concept “Clicked, bought”, the Sofa na Caixa eliminates the traditional barriers to purchasing furniture, offering a simple experience through digital means. The CEO, Rubens Stuque, plays a fundamental role in transforming consumer behavior and the furniture industry, guiding the company with vision and leadership.

About practicality

Reproduction: Sofa In The Box

Among the items sold are three-seater sofas, corner sofas and sofa beds, all sold vacuum-sealed and without the need for assembly. The company, a pioneer in technology and product development, employs around 150 employees, operates three factories, becoming the second largest buyer of foams in the country.

Recently arrived on the market, Sofá na Caixa stands out among its field in selling sofas. In just three months of operation, the company has already earned more than R$15.9 million, with the expectation of reaching R$90 million by the end of the year.

Rubens Stuque, CEO of Sofá na Caixa, highlights that the connection with the current consumer market is a differentiator. “This audience is highly connected to the internet and influenced by the appeal of social networks. We are experiencing the era of the Creator Economy, where global furniture retail is driven by the industry that produces and then seeks buyers. However, digital retail fulfills the desires created by itself, and that is the secret to Sofá na Caixa’s success.”

Thinking “outside the box”

An engineer by training and just 29 years old, Stuque started his business four years ago, when he founded the outdoor furniture company Eco Flame Garden. With this successful experience, he learned, in practice, how digital furniture retail works and identified an unexplored niche.

“I realized that innovations spread quickly and gain speed. I understood that creating subcategories is an effective way of launching new trends, something little explored in the furniture sector”, comments Stuque.

From searches on Google Trends, Stuque identified that there were more searches for “sofa” than for “mattress”, although the second had greater digital conversion. “I understood that sofas would be the ideal product and I looked for solutions to develop a lighter and more compact version, as the weight and volume make shipping more expensive, a cost passed on to the end consumer.”

Stuque hired technicians and together they developed the exclusive Grow GrowTech® technology, an innovative foam designed for high contraction and expansion. This technology allowed the creation of modular sofas that arrive compressed in a box and expand when opened, ready for use.

Focus on the digital consumer

To meet the demand of a market that seeks to acquire furniture in a practical way, the project was designed with a view to delivery through marketplaces. Additionally, it makes transporting furniture easier.


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