The Nintendo Switch console has 2 control options: the Joy-con and the Controller Pro. The joy-con version follows the versatility of the console, and can be used in the portable version and also to play connected to the TV, for those who prefer a larger screen when gaming.

The Pro controller follows the traditional line of video game controls, with a robust and larger structure, ideal for action-packed games that require more precision.

And if you need a new controller for your Nintendo Switch, Amazon is offering promotional prices on both models. Look:

Nintendo Switch controllers on sale

Controle Nintendo Switch Pro

25% off

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

It offers a lot of freedom in an ergonomic design for maximum comfort. It has analogues that leave nothing to be desired and is very light.

R$ 469,00

Controle Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

13% off

Image: Nintendo Switch Controller, Purple and Green Joy-Con

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Joy-cons are versatile controls, unique to the Nintendo Switch: share with a second player or use in an immersive and adaptable way!

R$ 459,00

Before purchasing one of the models, be sure to read the specifications. Promotional values ​​are for a limited time and stocks may run out at any time.


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