Whether you’re a gamer looking for a good gift or a solo gamer, KaBuM! They can be a good opportunity to match and save on the best items.

Offering everything from cell phones and smart items to memories and peripherals, KaBuM! secured brands such as Samsung, Kaspersky, AMD Ryzen, Corsair and many others with up to 77% off on their website.

And the advantages don’t stop there! In addition to discounts, you can also count on up to 15% off on PIX payments or even an exclusive discount coupon for singles.

Below, see suggestions for offers to take advantage of on this KaBuM Valentine’s Day! and learn more about the discount coupon:

  • Monitor Primetek 21.5”, 75Hz por R$ 449,00
  • Galaxy Buds FE Wireless Headphones for R$399.90
  • Kaspersky Standard + Kaspersky Password Manager, 1 Dispositivo por R$ 24,99
  • Apple MagSafe Battery, Double Charge for R$ 419.99
  • Wacom Adjustable Support for Cintiq 16´ for R$ 299.99
  • Mousepad Gamer Checkpoint MP-100, Rainbow 6 Siege por R$ 19,99
  • Norton Utilities Ultimate for 10 Devices for R$ 24.99
  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor, 3.7GHz for R$ 979.99
  • Rise Mode Black fan, 80mm for R$ 3.99
  • Baby Monitor KaBuM! Smart 500 – 1080P for R$ 99.90
  • Smart Switch 2 Way KaBuM! Smart 500 for R$79.90
  • Notebook Asus Vivobook Go E1504ga, Intel Core I3 N305, 256GB por R$ 1.730,63
  • Mousepad Gamer KBM! Gaming MSP500 por R$ 19,99
  • Rise Mode RAM memory, 8GB, 1600MHz, DDR3 for R$ 59.99
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5700G processor, 3.8GHz for R$ 1,119.99
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor, 3.8GHz for R$ 1,449.99
  • AMD Ryzen 5 4600G processor, 3.7GHz for R$ 579.99
  • Rise Mode G1 Gamer Keyboard, USB for R$ 26.50
  • Rise Mode fan, 120mm for R$ 8.99
  • Norton 360 Deluxe 2023, 5 Devices for R$ 34.99
  • Computador Intel Core i3-530, 4GB DDR3, SSD 120GB por R$ 399,99
  • Mouse Gamer Corsair Ironclaw Wireless, RGB por R$ 399,90
  • AMD Ryzen 5 4500 processor, 3.6GHz for R$ 469.99
  • Headset Gamer Checkpoint HX-200, 7.1 Surround por R$ 99,99
  • Monitor Gamer Primetek 34 Curvo, WQHD, 180Hz por R$ 1.899,00
  • Monitor Gamer Primetek 27”, 180hz por R$ 1.299,00
  • Air Cooler Rise Mode G800, ARGB, AMD/Intel por R$ 96,99

And for those who don’t know what to give as a gift on this date, KaBuM! also prepared good options so you don’t miss out.
Well, you can take advantage of the store’s Gift Cards, and choose values ​​from R$25 to give as a gift or enjoy.

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Don’t know how to choose the best gift? Enjoy the KaBuM Gift Card! and guarantee the best gifts with options starting at R$25 for all budgets!

KaBuM Coupon!

Finally, singles also deserve good discounts for this Valentine’s Day at KaBuM!, with a special advantage to save even more on their purchases.
Just apply the NINJASOLO Coupon when purchasing products of this selection and you guarantee plus 10% discount on your orders.

So, did you like the offers and coupon? See these and many others at KaBuM website!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/produto/284796-ofertas-dar-match-kabum-memorias-itens-inteligentes-notebooks-77-off.htm

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