Asus presented, during Computex 2024, the ROG Mjolnir, a gaming UPS in the shape of Thor’s hammer that is full of advanced features. The ROG Mjolnir has several types of connections, which makes it a versatile and adaptable device for different user profiles.

The appearance of the product matches perfectly with its proposal of remaining at a fixed point on the floor. Furthermore, the “hammer” handle is actually a magnetically attached flashlight, which will come in handy when the power goes out.

The ROG Mjolnir has a distinctive design, inspired by Thor’s hammer. (Image: Asus/Disclosure)Source: Asus/Disclosure

The device’s LCD panel provides real-time statistics, such as energy usage level and remaining battery time. Not to mention that this display makes the device more modern and beautiful, especially if it supports some type of customization.

The different electronic was revealed on April 1st of this year. Because of the date, everyone thought this was an Asus joke, but no, the piece really existed. The ROG Mjolnir will join the ROG Thor III and ROG Loki, two other fonts from the brand that reference Norse mythology.

ROG Mjolnir Specifications

ROG Mjolnir is designed for indoor and outdoor use and is equipped with a 768 Wh LFP battery. According to Asus, it supports a system with an RTX 4080 GPU for up to an hour of gaming, in the event of a power outage. Because it is portable, the equipment can be used outside the socket to power different types of devices.

Speaking of connections, the ROG gamer UPS offers four PC-standard sockets, as well as two USB-C ports with fast charging, two USB-A ports and Qi 2.0 standard wireless charging (compatible with MagSafe).

It also supports charging via solar panels so it can offer power for longer depending on the weather and environment.

Versatile, the ROG Mjolnir can be taken on trips to charge different types of portable devices.  (Image: Asus/Disclosure)Versatile, the ROG Mjolnir can be taken on trips to charge different types of portable devices. (Image: Asus/Disclosure)Source: Asus/Disclosure

Below, check out the specifications of the Asus ROG Mjolnir:

  • Power: 1200 W;
  • Battery: 768 Wh;
  • Switching time: 10 ms;
  • Display LCD: displays real-time usage data;
  • Connections: 4 AC outlets, 2 USB-C (100W fast charging), 2 USB-A ports, Qi 2.0 standard wireless charging (MagSafe compatible);
  • Compatible with charging via solar panel;
  • Magnetically attached flashlight.

As it works as a portable power station, the ROG Mjolnir can be used on trips to charge cell phones, tablets, portable consoles, speakers, among other devices that use batteries, for example.

Asus has not yet released the price of the ROG Mjolnir, nor when the UPS will be launched. Despite this, it is now available with all the information on an official website.


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