Football icon Ronaldinho Gaúcho has hinted that he wants to re-enter the crypto world. On June 23, he posted a message on However, this message has now been removed from the platform, what could be the reason behind this?

However, this announcement was met with much criticism and skepticism within the crypto community, with renowned on-chain researcher ZachXBT taking the lead.

Controversy surrounding Ronaldinho’s crypto return

ZachXBT questioned Ronaldinho’s motives and suggested that his sudden return to the crypto world may have been motivated by financial problems. In a sharp response, ZachXBT asked:

“Is this a translation for you are bankrupt again? In case you forgot, here are all the crypto projects you’ve pumped and dumped in over the years.”

The statement was supported by a screenshot detailing Ronaldinho’s involvement in several crypto projects, such as the meme coin Baby Doge, Atari Chain, Lord Society NFT and World Cup Inu (WCI).

Ronaldinho’s previous adventures in the crypto world have not been without controversy. A recent scandal revolved around the “18kRonaldinho” project, which was accused of being a $61 million pyramid scheme.

This project promised investors unrealistic returns of 2% per day for a minimum deposit of $30 in digital currency. Ronaldinho acted as an ambassador for the company, which originally sold watches and jewelry. However, during a Brazilian parliamentary hearing he denied any formal involvement and claimed that his name and image had been used without his consent.

This was not the first time that Ronaldinho dabbled in the crypto world. In February 2022, he partnered with Graph Blockchain’s subsidiary, New World Inc., to serve as an ambassador promoting NFT experiences to his massive fan base, which counts nearly 77 million followers on Instagram.

Later that year, he partnered with decentralized exchange P00LS to launch his own token, RON.

Surveillance and Meme Coin Controversy

Other prominent figures have also entered the crypto world, often with mixed results. The crypto community has recently seen a rise in celebrity-backed meme coins, many of which have rapidly declined in value and caused significant losses for investors.

Celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner, Andrew Tate and Nigerian musician David “Davido” Adeleke have also been criticized for their involvement in such projects. Blockchain analytics company Bubblemaps has accused Andrew Tate and Iggy Azalea of ​​insider trading within the meme coin projects they promoted.


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