The smartphone market in Latin America saw a 26% growth in the number of devices sold in the first quarter of 2024, compared to performance in the same period of the previous year. The information is from a study published by Canalys.

According to the report, the region returned to growth in this market after periods of decline in the last two years — a situation that only returned to normal in the second half of 2023. Canalys points out as reasons for growth an improvement in the general economic condition and a renewed catalog of brands to attract the consumer.

The period of high sales of cell phones continues in Latin America.Fonte:  Canalys

The highlights in sales at the beginning of this year are in the segment of intermediate devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy A, Xiaomi Redmi and Motorola Moto G lines. The survey does not differentiate between models purchased directly from companies and authorized resellers or those from the so-called “market gray”, quite popular in Brazil.

Last year, the premium segment was the one that recorded a global increase. As they are devices with higher prices and durability, they end up changing the market structure and generating fewer units sold each year due to less frequent exchanges.

Samsung is leader, but does not celebrate

In relation to the manufacturers’ individual performance, the South Korean Samsung maintained its already consolidated leadership. She sold 6% more devices last year and has 32% of the market Latin American.

This value, however, represents a drop in its dominance, as rivals have grown even more. Apart from Motorola, which only grew 1% and also lost market share (from 21% to 17% of the sector), the other three members of the top 5 soared in the sale of devices.

The top 5 cell phone brands in Latin America.The top 5 cell phone brands in Latin America.Fonte:  Canalys

Xiaomi (15% of the market) registered an increase of 45% and remains stable in third place. But now it is threatened by Transsion, brand owner Infinixwhich jumped to 10% by tripling the number of models sold in Latin America.

Next to Brazil, Honor now has 7% of the market and was the one that grew the most, with 293% more devices sold here.

Canalys also analyzed the presence of manufacturer ecosystems, that is, the sale of other devices from the same brand. The situation is the same as in the cell phone ranking, with Samsung benefiting from the sale of Harman audio equipment, tablets and smart bracelets.

The ecosystem ranking does not change.The ecosystem ranking does not change.Fonte:  Canalys

Apple appears only in sixth, much for the sale of products such as AirPods and the iPad. Oppo and ZTE complete the general list, with practically only cell phones among the relevant devices.


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