A Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Oura, a company that develops smart rings, to avoid being sued first. The South Korean fears being accused of violating the Finnish patents with the launch of the Galaxy Ring.

According to information on the website The Vergethe owner of Galaxy devices alleges that Oura takes advantage of its patent portfolio to sue companies indiscriminately.

Samsung executives realized that as soon as they announced the Galaxy Ring, Oura began demonstrating the strength of its intellectual property catalog. Oura even published “the more than 150 patents” it holds.

Galaxy Ring, Samsung’s smart ring, will be launched in 2024. (Image: Samsung/Disclosure)Source: Samsung/Disclosure

On another occasion, the company’s CEO, Tom Hale, hinted in an interview with CBNCwhich could use its patent portfolio against Samsung.

The South Korean also mentioned that Oura has already sued smaller competitors, such as Ultrahuman, Circular and Ringconn, as soon as they entered the American market, or even before.

Is Oura the new Apple?

Many years ago, Apple accused Samsung of infringing its patents. In 2018, she was sentenced to pay a million-dollar fine for copying the iPhone’s design, including the rectangular shape, rounded edges and the bar of colorful icons lined up on the screen.

At the time, Samsung called Apple a “patent troll”, which means registering false patents that should not be granted because they use obvious technologies and methods, which were shared throughout the industry. Now, Samsung is anticipating a similar approach to Oura, and decided to get ahead of it, taking legal action in the United States before its competitor.

Oura specializes in smart rings and has a large collection of patents related to these devices.  (Image: Oura/Disclosure)Oura specializes in smart rings and has a large collection of patents related to these devices. (Image: Oura/Disclosure)Source: Oura/Disclosure

This, in theory, could prevent the launch of the Galaxy Ring from being hampered until American justice gives the final blow. According to process data, Samsung is expected to begin mass production of the Galaxy Ring this month. The device is expected to be launched in August this year.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/produto/284644-samsung-processa-oura-primeiro-nao-processada-galaxy-ring.htm

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