Ideal for those looking for practicality at work, studies or leisure, tablets provide versatility for everyday life, being great for creating presentations and illustrations, for playing games, watching series and films and also for taking notes and work activities.

And for you who are looking for a multifunctional device for daily tasks or a children’s tablet to entertain and educate children, Amazon has a variety of tablets on sale!

With discounts of up to R$650, you can find models from different brands, including Samsung, Lenovo, Apple and Xiaomi. Check out the following options:

  • Tablet Samsung Galaxy S7, 8GB RAM e 256GB por R$449,99
  • Tablet Lenovo Tab M9, 4GB RAM e 64GB por R$789,01
  • Tablet Samsung Galaxy A9+, 4GB RAM e 64GB por R$1.109,00
  • Tablet Lenovo Tab P12, 4GB RAM e 128GB por R$1.799,00
  • Apple iPad 9th Generation Tablet, 64 GB for R$2,659.00
  • Tablet VAIO TL10, 8GB RAM e 128GB por R$1.529,09
  • Tablet Samsung Galaxy A8, 4GB RAM e 64GB por R$1.190,00
  • Tablet Positivo Twist Tab+ 2GB RAM e 64GB por R$328,95
  • Tablet Xiaomi Redmi Pad SE, 8GB e 256GB por R$1.130,00
  • Tablet Xixaomiro S7, 8GB RAM e 256GB por R$629,10
  • Xixaomiro 3 tablet, 8GB RAM and 256GB for R$584.99
  • Tablet Positivo Vision TAB 10, 4GB RAM e 128GB por R$1.134,99
  • Tablet Samsung Galaxy A9, 64GB por R$999,99
  • Apple iPad 10th generation tablet, 64GB for R$4,599.00

Developed to entertain and educate children, children’s tablets feature everything from beloved characters illustrated on covers to a variety of interactive features.
And for those of you looking for options on offer, here are some suggestions:

  • Tablet Multi Frozen II, 4GB RAM e 64GB por R$403,90
  • Tablet Positivo Twist Tab Minions, 1GB RAM e 32GB por R$370,99
  • Multi Galinha Pintadinha Tablet, 4GB RAM and 64GB for R$477.18
  • Tablet Multi Princesas, 4GB RAM e 64GB por R$403,90
  • Canine Patrol Multi Tablet: Skye, 4GB RAM and 64GB for R$405.90

Did you like the offers? So don’t waste time and get your new tablet now with a discount on Amazon!


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